Permanent hair before & after - How does it work?

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    You who have followed me know how extremely long I have been longing to perpetuate my hair! Curly permanent hair is so beautiful!

    I've been thinking about this for two years now. I made a permanent failure 10 years ago and have wanted "revenge" since then haha. In the blog post, among other things ”A nicer 2018“In the New Year 2017, I wrote that I wanted to permanent my hair before that summer.

    It has taken a while to get to the shots if you say so;) meeen guess what I did yesterday !!!

    Permanent hair wavy or curly?

    Table of contents for "Permanent hair before & after - How it works":

    1. How to make your hair permanent?
    2. Why permanent hair?
    3. Can one permanently bleach hair?
    4. Choice of hairdresser to permanent hair
    5. Is it starting to become trendy to permanent hair again?
    6. Style a permanent hair
    7. Does it wear on the hair and how long does it last?
    8. How long hair do you need to make your hair permanent?
    9. How much does it cost to permanently curl your hair?

    permanent hair before and after

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    So happy with permanent hair! You must not blow dry the curls afterwards so I have no styling or volume stuff in my hair at all in the pictures in this post. This is the result after the hair was completely wet, then self-dried and then a little leave-in conditioner in the tops only :)

    How to make your hair permanent?

    Gunilla on Creative Zone made permanent hair on me with the brand Hårologi. It is a slightly different way compared to other permanents, thanks to a substance that it does not contain (do not remember the name) which makes it more gentle on the hair.

    1. First you check the quality of the hair, partly in a device but also by pulling a straw between the fingers / nails and see how the elasticity is and how it curls. Partly to see that the quality can be done the treatment on but also to assess the choice of coils. I needed quite large coils even though I wanted small curls.
    2. Deep cleansing of the hair in the shampooing
    3. Haircut, I had to cut my hair a little so as not to have more curls in the tops than the rest of the hair.
    4. A constructive protein spray is sprayed on the hair to maintain hair quality.
    5. The hair is rolled up on spools, then the permanent liquid is applied
    6. After the effect time, you go to the shampooing and another liquid is applied. A liquid that is not used for ordinary permanents but only for Hairology.
    7. Then you rinse your hair thoroughly and apply the last liquid that will ache for a while as well.
    8. Then you take out the coils, rinse the hair thoroughly and finish with conditioner.
    9. The building protein sprays are sprayed on again
    10. You are not allowed to dry your hair with a blow dryer so I sat in a dryer (took quite a long time) and dried myself.

    How long does it take to permanent hair?

    For me, it took approx. 2-3 hours at the hairdresser, but it depends on how thick your hair is and how many coils you use.

    A large part of the time does not necessarily have to be at the hairdresser, because you are not allowed to blow-dry your hair afterwards, so I air-dried in a heating machine and it took quite a long time.

    Why permanent hair?

    I thrive best in released hair but I think it's so boring to fix my hair. Without styling, my hair is flat like a pancake against my head, very difficult to get volume and just looks very boring (I think myself).

    So the reason I wanted permanent hair is to get life and volume without having to fix so much with it. So the most important thing is not the curls themselves (even though I love them too of course) but I want the volume and the lively :)

    Can one permanently bleach hair?

    The reason why most hairdressers say no to permanent bleached hair is because bleached = worn. Even though you have a good permanent, it obviously wears on the hair.

    But I am so careful with my hair because it is a bit of a hobby, I love lying in the bath with hair wrap or walking around and cleaning in wrap and face mask. I wash my hair once a week and always have hair wrap every wash. I use really good products without silicones and rarely use heating tools.

    In addition, I always bleach with Olaplex so the hair does not get so worn out either. So even the hairdressers say that I have good hair quality and am an approved customer for permanent hair :)

    Choice of hairdresser to permanent hair

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    Most hairdressers find it boring to be permanent, I have talked to several people. They say "it is the only thing that has not developed since the 80's". But it's mostly about the fact that there are so few customers who make permanents today, then the hairdressers will not be good at it. And what you are not good / sure of, you do not think is fun.

    Hairology has a developed permanent fluid and works with training on new ways to roll the hair. One can e.g. make one permanent with only 8 coils!

    Gunilla wants more people to permanent their hair. She was so careful and knowledgeable when she stood with my single strands of hair and did tests to determine coil and technique. Professional at your fingertips literally haha :)

    Is it starting to become trendy to permanent hair again?

    A question that I have received from several now that I have permanent hair is "jahaa has it become trendy again?”. The answer is no but I trooor it will start to come back but with a more fancy word, maybe texturing or something like that :) Do not you think it can be so?

    Now when I told my client that I was going to permanent my hair, I got the answer "jahaa are you inspired by Carola?”And I had completely missed her new hair haha! Our cool if hair permanent becomes a trend now :)

    permanent hair

    Style a permanent hair

    The pictures above are, as I said, completely without styling, just self-dried. You are not allowed to wet permanent hair 48 hours afterwards, but I LONG until I can wash my hair myself. Since the deep cleanser washed out all the color packaging and silver shampoo, I'm not really happy with the blonde tone now. I have withdrawal symptoms after my cold rosé color which I mix in my hair wrap :) Read more about that wrap in the post Milk_Shake Direct Color Review

    In addition, I am very eager to test volume products, sprays and stuff to find "my way" to style it. Because there is no right way, some hug with mousse, some with a caring spray, some do nothing at all.

    I was advised to wait to buy new styling until I felt for myself with the products I have at home. But there are some tips to keep in mind:

    Moisture - Curly hair loves moisture! I will be more generous with moisturizing products.

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    Conditioner & water - You can mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle and spray in between the washes if you want to bring out the curls more. Conditioner has a low pH value, which causes the curls to contract and become more defined.

    Curl booster - Hairology has a spray that has an even lower pH value. I have seen live on a curly hair how much difference it makes, the curls came out immediately when it was sprayed on! However, Gunilla did not think I would need it.

    Wide-toothed comb & self-drying - To blow dry and brush the hair as usual is big no no now, then the hair will be a great frizz!

    Oooh I want to shower and play now! :)

    Hair quality after permanent hair - permanently wears on the hair?

    Even if you bleach with Olaplex, you feel that the structure of the straws has changed a bit. But after the permanent treatment, I feel no difference in quality at all, it feels just like before!

    The biggest difference for me is that I can now not sleep in a braid, because then the curls will be a little strange then. And sleeping with released wears more on the hair.

    How long does permanent hair last?

    Durability for permanent hair if you have good quality, are careful with wraps and do not wear the hair unnecessarily, the permanent can last for several years! Gunilla herself had her hair permanently 1.5 years ago and it was still very nice even though it has grown out a bit :)

    How long hair do you need to make your hair permanent?

    The length does not matter much, as long as you can thread the hair around the spool, that is enough.

    Hairdressers usually recommend shoulder long hair, but I think it is probably because longer hair takes so long. :)

    How much does it cost to permanently curl your hair?

    The price for permanent hair is between SEK 1500 - SEK 3000 and depends on how long you have hair.

    Permanent short hair is cheaper than long and you often get what you pay for. So it's not always worth going for the price, find someone good through reviews! :)

    hair permanent 2020

    What do you think? :) Was it good? How it will be with styling and such, you can follow later when I get to wash it myself! Whether you want curly permanent hair or permanent wavy hair, I recommend Creative Zone, so good!

    Do you want to book an appointment Creative Zone so you can call them on 018 141000 because permanent is not bookable online in their booking system :)

    Note our company has nothing to do with that hair salon, it's just a coincidence that both are called Creative haha.

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    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Oh so nice! I have been longing to permanent my hair for a very long time. I have thin, flat hair and love to have it released but rarely have the strength to stand in the mornings and curl / dare my hair. After reading this blog post, I have decided to book a permanent consultation with my hairdresser next week! : D

    2. Wow !! Thank you so much for your blog post. Have wanted to permanent my hair for a long time but am a gray rat if I do not bleach my hair. When I was young in the 80s and 90s, it was very common to "pent" the hair haha. But at that time I was naturally blonde so no problem. Was so happy to read your post. Will definitely see if you can find a salon in Stockholm that uses this technology. Otherwise I simply have to go to Uppsala😊
      Thanks again and by the way - you were super nice in your hair !!
      / Sussie

    3. Super hot! Finally 😊
      I also want permanent hair, do you know any good salon in Stockholm that can arrange it?

      • Thanks !! :) I know no one specific in Stockholm, but if you want to do with the same products as me, you can probably email Hårologi (you can find contact information on and ask, because they have very close contact with their salons so they know enough guaranteed who are extra good at permanently :)

    4. Hey! I just have to say that I really appreciate your attitude and way of blogging. A real role model! I go in and read to 90% for joy and 10% for makeup tips hehe :)

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