Permanent makeup / cosmetic tattoo

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    I got two comments about my makeup tattoos the other day when I showed a makeup without lip makeup, fun!

    "Hello! know I read before that you did an eyebrow tattoo? do you still have it? ”

    Have you tattooed your lips? If so, what made you decide for it and do you have before and after picture of it as well as with your fine eyebrows?

    I have noticed that some new readers have fallen in with my blog change, so I thought I would make a new post about this! Do not hope that my old readers find me annoying? :)

    Permanent makeup, cosmetic tattoo or 3D tattoo are different names for this. You thus tattoo make-up on the face, and the tattoo color is made to fade away because the face, the colors (hair and skin) and the taste change with age. Had my eyebrows not faded away, they might have been sitting down by the eyelids when I'm old and you do not want that. How long the tattoo lasts depends on age and skin type, but can also be affected by metabolism, weather, skin care products and sun. Normal shelf life for eyebrows is about 1-5 years, 2-5 years for lips and 5-8 years for eyeliner. If you use white paint for so-called "inliner", the result will be permanent, because white does not fade. To maintain the intensity of the tattoo, it is recommended that you top up at intervals of a few years.

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    So the answer is yes to both questions, I have both eyebrow tattoo and lip tattoo, as well as eyeliner! All are made on Creative Make Up in Uppsala. The whitest thing when doing such a thing is to go to a professional, there are many who do permanent makeup on the side of another job, e.g. nail and skin care salons. But it goes without saying that a person who works with permanent makeup full time gets much more experience, and that is exactly what Annika at Creative Make Up does!

    Now, I do not claim that those who do this on the side of other things are not good, but I want to emphasize that you must be careful about who you go to, there are very many who are actually unserious and not good at all. Annika gets many horror examples for the salon that she has to correct, people who have become dissatisfied in other places because they chose a salon based on price and not quality.

    Here are pictures of my tattoos!

    Hahaha I just have to start by showing these pictures of how swollen I became after the return visit with my lips! I barely got swollen at all the first time, but after the return visit I looked like a duck! We had filled in parts of the contour where a little extra was needed, plus the highlighter that we had not done on the first visit. The swelling subsided after a lucky day :)

    This is what the lips looked like right after the tattoo, the first visit, and then they started flaking, which all tattoos do when they heal. It did not hurt at all when it healed, but it was very hard with such flaky lips! It passed after 4 days I think it was.

    Here is after healing. I decided to tattoo my lips mainly because I wanted them to look fuller. Annika has tattooed outside the contour and made them larger, mainly on the sides, to get a larger and rounder shape. My shape before was more straight, which makes the mouth look flatter and "strict". I have a little more open mouth on the before picture, so the difference does not look as big on these pictures as it actually is!

    In addition, I have added highlighter in the middle of the lips and outside the contour, which gives the lips a fuller and more fluffy impression!

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    You have seen the eyebrows quite recently, so I probably do not need to present them much more than this. But here comes the before and after image of my eyes:

    Everything is done in the same salon and what I have done is:
    Black lashliner on the upper lash line.
    White inliner along the waterline.
    Brown lashliner on the lower lash line.
    Colored and permanent eyelashes.

    Lashliner is thus a line exactly where the lashes sit, an eyelash marking as it is also called. It is called an eyeliner if you make a wider line, which you can also tattoo if you want!

    None of the tattoos hurt when you use anesthetic cream, but it still feels a little and at the eyes it is a little uncomfortable but it did not hurt at all, except that the anesthesia stings a little in the eyes.

    I'm so glad I did all this! Had I not had make-up as an interest, I would undoubtedly have made a wider eyeliner, highlighter in the corner of the eye and then supplemented with eyelash extensions. Understand how fast your morning routines would go!

    For those of you who are hungry for this, I can tell you that you get a 10% discount from Annika if you enter the discount code "Imakeyousmile", it is a discount code I have flirted with you as Annika and I know each other well and have done a lot work together! :) Kika in Creative Make Ups Facebook page for more pictures!

    Shout out if you have any questions!

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    Helena Amiley
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