Permanent makeup - Eyeliner

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    I have written before generally about permanent makeup, as well as detailed about mine eyebrow tattoos and lips.

    Now it's time for the last tattoo I have (which are actually two pieces) - Eyeliner!

    The pictures were taken the same day and the day after, so the eyes are still a bit swollen.

    eyeliner tattoo

    Here are my eyes before and immediately after. I have a black lashliner and a white inliner.

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    Lashliner is a black line right on the scalp.
    Inliner is a tattoo along the waterline.


    before after eyes

    Where do you get tattoos on your eyes?
    The most common is just lashliner along the lash line. You can also tattoo a black line along the lower lash line and along the waterline (linliner)

    Some people want a wider or smoky line, or a "wing" that goes out a bit in the outer corner of the eye. Normally, only the wing is drawn in advance, as it extends beyond the lash line itself.

    You can also tattoo highlighter in the corner of the eye, for example!

    What does it cost?
    There are different prices depending on how you want to tattoo. In short, you can say that you pay per line.
    The salon I got a tattoo at (Creative Make Up in Uppsala) also has package prices if you want to make several parts of the eyes. You will find their price list here!

    Doesn't it hurt a lot?
    As with all makeup tattoos, you numb before, it did not hurt at all. It feels a bit like removing the cotton from a top and gently pulling the stick. Good explanation by me;)

    However, it is quite unpleasant, I hate when people get close to my eyes. You get some reflexes that you can not really control. But everyone is different on that front, I think people with lenses do not care at all.

    Annika who tattooed me has even been with a customer who fell asleep while she tattooed her eyes!

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    What happens if you blink?
    It's hard to imagine at first, but man snooze in fact all the time! Even during anesthesia and tattoo time, even when tattooing the waterline.

    How to stun?
    While the customer closes his eyes, the makeup artist applies the anesthetic, which is allowed to ache for 15 minutes. You also get tattoos in different rounds and switch between the eyes, partly to get an even result but also to be able to keep the area numb all the time. So you put on more and more anesthesia while tattooing.

    What happens if you get anesthesia in the eyes?
    I asked Annika about this, and if you get in a little, nothing happens, it hurts a little. When she tattooed her own eyes, however, she happened to get in a little too much (one may not be as careful about oneself) and then the pupil had become numb, and became super big! But it passes after a while, you just look a little funny. Especially since it was only on one eye!

    What do you look like immediately afterwards?
    All tattoos are always very strongly painted immediately after and for a few days until it has healed. I, who have very, very sensitive eyes, was also in tears the rest of the day, my eyes watered as soon as there was a gust of wind.

    You are also swollen, I became swollen immediately after and it lasted for almost two days. However, most do not get swollen until the morning after (because you have poorer blood circulation at night) and usually the swelling then subsides after being awake for a while and flashing the blood.

    Because you are swollen, the tattoo may also look uneven at first, but it evens out as soon as the swelling goes down.

    What does it look like when it heals?
    All tattoos flake off when they heal, but I did not actually notice it in my eyes at all. You did not see any pieces as on the lips, the lines are so thin.

    On the other hand, I woke up the first two nights with completely glued eyes, the kind you get when you have eye inflammation. However, this is common and completely in order! But maybe you should not sleep over with your new boyfriend for the first time, the days after you tattooed your eyes;)


    Once the tattoo has healed, you will come to a final check. Then you look if the color feels right, and if there is something that needs to be corrected or filled in. This is included in the price if it happens within 3 months after the treatment.

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    How long does it last?
    An eyeliner tattoo lasts for 5-8 years. If you use white paint for so-called "inliner", the result will be permanent.



    As a final clip on all tattoo posts, I copy "to-think-about-the-list" from Creative Make Up!


    And you remember my discount code at the salon, enter Imakeyousmile and get a 10% discount, tattoos also apply! Annika tattoos in Uppsala, but also in Stockholm and Åland.


    Things to think about before treatment:

    • Do not get your tattoo if you are sick, have a cold sore or an eye infection.
    • Keep in mind that you may be more sensitive to pain if you have or are just about to menstruate, are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Keep in mind that you may look swollen / sharply painted in the first days after the tattoo. You should also not use make up on the tattooed area. Therefore, do not do the treatment if you have something special booked in the next few days.
    • At least one return visit may be required for completion and correction. This is included in the price if it is done within 3 months from the first treatment.
    • If it is easy to get herpes blisters around the mouth, there is a great risk that these will appear in connection with lip tattooing. This is completely normal and is treated as usual with anti-herpes ointment or medicine.
    • Allergy testing is not necessary and is only performed at the customer's own request at least 24 hours before the treatment.


    Things to think about after treatment:

    • Good hygiene is the key to avoiding infections. Treat the tattoo like an open wound; Do not poke with your fingers and keep the area as clean and dry as possible.
    • Lubricate the tattooed area at least twice a day with a greasy cream, such as Bepanthen, Vaseline or Helosan. Apply the cream with a clean top or cotton pad. Do not poke your finger on the tattooed area.
    • Avoid bathing, bathing or showering for a long time.
    • It is possible to wash the tattooed area gently with water and bathe dry with a clean towel.
    • Avoid sunbathing, both outdoors and in the solarium.
    • Putting on make-up after a treatment can involve risks; allergic reactions that can lead to infections, pigment loss, ulcers and, in the worst case, scarring. Do not use make up until the area is completely healed!
    • The crusts / membrane fall off on their own within a week. Do not peel them! This can cause the color to follow and, in the worst case, form scar tissue.
    • If you become very swollen, you can cool the area a few times a day with ice packs or cooling lamps.
    • Stay away from dusty environments where small dirt particles can easily enter which can cause infection in the tattooed area. Also avoid external influences of exhaust gases and chemical vapors from eg hair dye and hair spray.
    • If you have tattooed your lips, you can drink from a straw for the first three days.
    • Herpes blisters are treated as usual with anti-herpes ointment and any medication prescribed by a doctor.
    • If an eye infection should occur, this is best treated with an eye bath and / or Noviform ointment (available without a prescription at Apoteket).


    Just shout if you have more questions!

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