Permanent makeup

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    It was quite a long time since I did my makeup tattoos now, but I still get a lot of questions about it in old posts and besides, I have gotten many more new readers since then, so I thought I would bring it up again! :)

    Cosmetic tattoo, permanent makeup, micropigmentation (dear children have many names) are simply a make-up tattoo. You can, for example, tattoo eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, and the tattoo is made to last only a certain number of years because you yourself change with the years. How long the tattoo lasts depends a bit on what the tattoo is and how dark it is.

    I have tattooed the eyebrows, black lashliner on the upper lash line, white inliner along the waterline, dark brown lashliner on the lower lash line and my lips which I have both enlarged a bit by tattooing outside the contour, and highlighted to make them fuller.

    I made my eyebrows about 1 ½ years ago and since they are made with a blonde a little "more messy" color, they have faded quite a lot. I will fill them in soon, but I think I will wait until closer to spring - then they will also be a little bigger!

    In most of the pictures I show now, the eyebrows have already faded a bit, because I did them quite a long time before I decided to get more tattoos.

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    Here are before and after pictures of the eyebrows, the after picture was taken the same day so they are a little darker than what they became when they healed, and also a little swollen.

    eyeliner tattoo

    Here, the eyeliner tattoo was taken the same day, swollen and teary-eyed, but you can see the tattoos well in any case!

    I had not tattooed the lower lash line here yet, but just lashliner up and inliner along the waterline.



    This is what it looked like when it had healed late, + eyelash coloring and eyelash permanent that bends the lashes.

    Here I have also tattooed the dark brown slightly more discreet line along the lower lash line.

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    before after lip tattoo

    My lips before and after! The highlighter is located both in the middle of the lips and along the cupid's arch. And then we have fiddled a bit with the shape as well as you may see.

    You can choose if you want to tattoo the entire lips, just the contours or an intoned contour that I have.

    lip tattoo


    Before and after image the same day we did the tattoo.



    This is what the lip looked like right after we tattooed on the return visit, you usually don't get swollen right away, rather the day after, but I looked like a duck at once haha! We only tattooed certain parts that needed to be filled in, because it was a return visit, which is why the lip is so uneven as well.

    It was a bit fun to take the bus home then;)

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    before after eyes lips full screen

    I tattooed the eyebrows quite a long time before the rest, so in these pictures the eyebrows have already faded a bit and in addition they are tattooed on both the before and after picture. But here is at least the whole!

    Absolutely unbelievable that you can look so good even without makeup;) The eyebrows and the white liner along the waterline are the tattoos I appreciate the most. When I go to a party, I'm incredibly happy with my lips too, you do not have to bother with lip gloss or pencil evenly because the lips are so nice anyway.

    The most common question is, did it not hurt a lot? Especially in the eyes?
    I did not think it hurt much because you get stunned, I did not even feel her lips touching and her eyebrows felt like picking them. The eyes did not hurt at all, but it is unpleasant when someone pokes so close to the eyes. However, you close your eyes all the time so it was nice.

    Because the anesthesia affects different people differently (and I also think that all salons use different anesthetics) you experience it a little differently. Some have written to me that it hurt a lot, while my sister even skips the anesthesia because she thinks it is unnecessary.

    I who also have "real" tattoos can say that makeup tattoos are not even close to that pain!

    The most important thing is to go to a serious salon, there are many cheap idiot salons out there, check out the salon properly before and feel free to compare the pictures from different salons.


    I went to Annika Söderlund at Creative Make Up in Uppsala, who actually won the Swedish Championships in makeup this autumn - and it was not the first time! :) She also tattoos on Åland, in Stockholm and a few more cities - check it out for more info.

    If you want to know more details about permanent makeup, you can check out my previous posts:
    Eyeliner - Link to the post.
    Eyebrows - Link to the post.
    Lips - Link to the post.

    I so long for this spring when it's time to tattoo my eyebrows again, and it will probably be color and permanent of the eyelashes to be extra nice when you enjoy the first spring sun :)


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