Peter Thomas Roth Cleansing Gel

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    You should not change skin care anyway, but sometimes when I get home samples of products that seem interesting, I can not really give up :)

    Now I have therefore tested the cleaning Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Cleansing Gel from the skin care brand Peter Thomas Roth for four days, I liked their face mask that I have blogged about before and this cleanser is from the same series!

    The cleaning is a "regular cleaning" that is used with water. It should cleanse the skin properly and remove both makeup and dead skin cells, while it has an anti-aging effect and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it contains rose oils from 9 different roses that nourish and nourish the skin! It suits all skin types.

    Brief review - Since I have not used it for a long time, I can not give a full review, but I can say that it washes off the makeup really well, the skin feels very clean! It smells good, foams a little and is easy to use. However, I get extremely tight in the face afterwards, I have a tendency to get it for "strong" cleansings, so I do not like it but other than that it works really well.

    I have a mixed skin, it is both very oily and at the same time sensitive, so a common problem that I always had before is the extremely tight and dry feeling on the face when you wash it.

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    It does not take many seconds from washing your face until you lubricate it, but the short moment was kind of stressful for me because the face felt so tight!

    But when you have had the same skin care for a very long time, you get very used to it and do not really think about what it was like before. I have used Sanctum's skin care products for over a year and is still incredibly happy! And now when I tested this cleanser I got flashbacks from before I started with Sanctum, I miss certainly not that tight feeling that I have escaped since then :)

    In other words, the cleanser does its job very well and because skin care is so individual, it is certainly perfect for many of you who are looking for a good cleanser with anti age! But for those of you who easily get the tight feeling in my face that I get, you will probably also get it from this.

    The recommended price is SEK 325, but it currently costs SEK 260 HERE!

    You who are eager to try - I saw by chance now that they also have a package offer right now on this series, you get this cleanser (100 ml), face mask (which I like!), A lip balm and a nice make-up bag for only SEK 400! click here to get to the offer :)

    Maternity! ♥



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