Pick and color the brows on guys

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    Many people are unsure about this with picking and coloring the eyebrows of guys and maybe many guys / men feel misplaced in a salon, but nothing you should be and you are so welcome! Here you see e.g. a male customer that I plucked and colored my eyebrows on.

    If you want to learn more about eyebrows and how to think, you can read my post about it.

    We have some male customers at the salon who come regularly, but fewer than you might think because it has become so trendy with barbers and such?

    Today, however, I had one of my "favorite types" of customers: dye blonde eyebrows!

    Here is the result by pick and color:

    Pick and color the brows on guys

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    I have not colored all the eyebrows but only the most blonde parts. The color was really spotless against the hair and beard, exactly the same.

    I regret that I did not ask to take full pictures as well, because after the brow color it framed the look so heavenly nicely! It made a huge difference on the whole face!

    He was very happy and comes back to us often!

    A tip if you are unsure is to book with someone good the first time to get tips and advice, or if you are someone who is happy to read it, read my post about pick different eyebrow shapes.

    Pick and color the brows on guys

    Sometimes I get the question if it is easier or harder to pick and color the eyebrows of guys and the answer is that it is exactly the same. Everyone wants different results regardless of gender identity, we have male customers who want very well-shaped eyebrows as well and fit super well in it!

    Did you like my post about picking and coloring eyebrows on guys and want to read more about eyebrows, so read my great post about eyebrows here!

    If you want to book with us in Uppsala, you can book online at our website or call 018 10 50 13 :)

    Hug hug!

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    1. Hey! What color or color mixture has been used for the eyebrows? And how long has it been working?
      Is dark blonde with light eyebrows and has tried refectocil light brown but the result is unfortunately too dark and unnatural, it is precisely this natural dark blonde color you have fixed here that I strive for.

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