Pixi Contour Creator

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    My new darling in the makeup bag is Pixi Contour Creator - the ultimate palette for perfect contouring! I'm addicted to it now!

    The palette comes from their new series Book of Beauty and can easily be placed next to make-up mirrors as a nice book, simple and nice way to store palettes. I had a make-up customer here who was shocked when I took a "book from the bookshelf" and started making up with it "nääämen, I thought there were real books there!" she said :)


    The palette contains six silky shadows that are perfectly matched with each other. The shadows blend into the skin and give a quick and natural result, and are very easy to use even for you who are a beginner.

    The dark shades are cold and are available in three dark modes.
    The darkest is nice under the cheekbones and perfect for parties when you want a more intense sculpting.
    The two a little brighter are perfect for a quick everyday make-up and for areas where you do not want as much effect - for example on the sides of the nose or forehead. None of these shades are shimmery, but give a nice luster.

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    The light shades are available in three shades, one off-white, one beige and one that goes in the peach direction.
    The off-white is incredibly effective and is perfect for clear sculpting, as well as for smaller areas where you want more effect, e.g. brow bone, corner of the eye and the cupid's arch of the lips.
    The beige the shade is suitable for larger areas and / or if you want a milder effect.
    The peach shade is great for even getting a little color and life in the face. The off-white and beige shades are matte but give a nice glow, the peach shade is a bit shimmery and gives the skin a nice glow.


    Check out the results !! Here I have done a pretty strong contouring, but it is of course easy to make a little milder as well :)

    And I can not help but compare it with the super-hyped contour kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills, that kit is very good but for that price the shadows are very small and I did not get a 100% wow feeling from it. I thought I would use it more but it has ended up further and further down in the pile of makeup in the drawer.

    This palette from Pixi is (besides cheaper and contains more) actually better in my opinion! And the reason why I think it is mainly because the light shadows are a little more pigment-rich, so if you want to work a lot of strobing (only light shadows, not the dark ones) or want an effective result on your contouring, they are very effective.

    The light shadows in the palette are perfect for brightening up under the eyes too :)


    This is how I usually apply the light shadows.

    And this is how I apply the darker ones:

    contouringHope you understand my dot description :)

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    I usually use Nanshy Contouring Brush and Nanshy Foundation Brush from Masterful Collection set to my contouring, superb brushes!

    IMG_1630_111Sharp cheekbones! ;) I usually do a little milder contouring on myself, which also goes great with this palette, but I did a little extra today to show you.

    Get in touch if you have any questions ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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      But GOD is so jealous of you right now! Who does not love contour sets?
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