Pixi Eye Zone Brightener

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    Most products I can test on myself and review if they are good or not, but some can not really test to 100% on myself, as I do not have all the problem areas for which there are products.

    Darkness under the eyes is one of them, I do not have much problem myself with darkness or bags under the eyes, so the first time I tested the Pixi Eye Zone Brightener I did not think it was that special.

    But as soon as I tested it on some other people, I felt that it was a must to bring it into the webshop, it is awesome! :)

    Here you see before and after pictures:


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    Big difference huh? :)

    How does the Pixi Eye Zone Brightener work?
    Pixi Eye Zone Brightener brightens thanks to light-reflecting pigments, and provides no coverage at all. Therefore, you need very little make-up for an enlightening result - which is extra important when you put make-up under the eyes because the skin is so thin there, then it looks unnatural if you put on too much make-up.

    The light-reflecting pigments not only lighten the skin, but also settle in lines, which makes wrinkles and lines less visible.

    Should you use it before or after base make-up?
    In these pictures I have only applied Eye Zone Brightener to show how effective it is completely alone, but you can also use it before / after makeup, it depends a bit on what you want for effect. I will write more about it later in the post.

    Is it good for the skin?
    Eye Zone Brightener is not only a make-up product but also a skin care product. It cools, soothes, moisturizes and reduces swelling and bags under the eyes. So it can be used both morning and evening!

    Contains among other things:
    Lavender water - Refreshing & has a relaxing effect for tired eyes.
    Sodium hyaluronate - Has a volumizing effect on the skin.
    Vitamin E  - Works as an effective anti-aging ingredient & antioxidant.
    Aloe vera - Gives a cooling effect and is emollient and moisturizing.

    If you are often swollen or have extra bags under your eyes when you sleep, you can store the eye cream in the fridge, then it is extra cooling in the morning and the swelling settles faster :)


    Use for a natural result
    If you do not want to put on so much make-up on the rest of your face, this is a perfect product to use all alone. Apply a little under the eyes and dab with your fingers, so you get a discreet and enlightening effect.

    Use in case of slight darkness under the eyes
    Apply Eye Zone Brightener under the eyes, dab with your fingertip for a soft result. Then finish with concealer and / or foundation - the light-reflecting pigments then become a bit subdued but still give an effective result.

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    Use in very dark under the eyes
    Start with concealer and / or foundation under the eyes, and then finish with Eye Zone Brightener, dab with your fingertip for a soft result. Then you get both an opaque result with the make-up underneath, but also a very light-reflecting effect because Eye Zone Brightener is located at the far end of the skin.

    Morning and evening
    Since the product also cares for the skin under the eyes, it can be used both morning and evening, so it works during the night as well.


    In this picture you see one eye without Eye Zone Brightener, and the other eye with. Do not think I need to say which is which;)


    Really difference! I was super shocked the first time I tested it on someone other than myself and saw in reality how effective it is :)

    Pixi Eye Zone Brightener is available as said on Byher.se or in our store Creative Makeup By Her in Uppsala (you are warmly welcome if you want us to test and show you the product before you shop) and it costs SEK 199.

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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