Press breakfast and skin analysis with Yves rocher

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    Last Wednesday I was at a press breakfast with Yves Rocher, it is one of the few companies whose press event I almost never miss! Love everything about their company, the products, the staff, the PR office and their events are always just as nice :)

    Yves Rocher has a lot of news now before the summer, I will write more about them soon but what I am mainly hungry for are products that I already love and which now come in even more shades. Among other things, their waterproof eyeliner pencils, waterproof cream eye shadows and the wonderful nail polish!

    In addition, I received a skin analysis from a skin care therapist who was on site, she used a device that measures the skin - and it can now be tested free of charge in Yves Rocher's stores! Then you get help from the staff who do the skin analysis on you, and can then help you with the right skin care :)


    These wonderful pastries are inspired by the new nail polish, which thus comes in the same nice colors as the pastries. So cool idea!

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    Yves Rocher also launches such popular and practical lip gloss pens :)


    Here you see me in the middle of the skin analysis! Please Tove helped and took a picture. You measure everything with the machine against the skin, except sebum (how oily you are) which you measure with a "piece of paper" which the device then scans separately.

    You can see everything from pigment changes to wrinkles, moisture, oil, luster, and much more that I unfortunately did not remember.

    The funny thing about this was that I was told in black and white that my skin care routine right now is the best for my skin! I am both sensitive and oily, which is a difficult combination, and the oiliness can not be done much more, she said because all other values looked great. A very moisturized skin was the grade! The Sanctum products passed the test with flying colors :)

    The oiliness is very high, which is more due to the inside than the skin care, and even though it will decrease with age, I will always be more oily than others. My sebun value was 97% which is almost the highest you can have!

    So it is to continue to invest in debilitating makeup that applies, but my makeup would not have survived for more than an hour, I can tell. I was unmade up yesterday (and therefore had no fatigue at all) and Frida laughed so much at me when my eyes started to sting and run and I said that it was because my eyelids became so oily so it ran down into the eyes. She thought I was joking haha, and yes it does not flow directly with in the end it becomes so much that I get it in my eyes. Only I who have that problem? :) Oiliest man on earth!


    Can really recommend going to a Yves Rocher store and doing this analysis, there are so many people who have a skin care that does not really suit the skin type!

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    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I have very oily skin, have been to the skin clinic several times but unfortunately there is nothing to do. Recognize me well that it runs down the eyes and you have to wipe with paper. Feel free to leave tips on makeup that does not flow away. I always feel unclean in the skin with blackheads and pimples.

    2. I'm the same! If I do not use degrading make-up / powder etc. on the face, the eyelids become oily and it stings in the eyes after only a few hours. I'm approaching 40 but the skin is still very oily… .. an advantage is perhaps that you do not get wrinkles as easily as when you have drier skin…. but it's hard that there are also pimples and blackheads with the fat. You feel like a teenager :-D

    3. You're not alone! I used to get oil in my eyes too. Disappears and becomes two rivers to eyes! I'm very oily myself, but unfortunately paese primer does not help me much. Feel free to give tips on makeup that fits well. Not just mineral foundation. My make up melts away after an hour or so. So I never put on make-up next :(

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