Press breakfast with LCC

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    As I wrote this morning, I was up with the rooster and started the day with a press breakfast with LCC - Blondinbella's beauty brand that is now launching its work out series!

    The hair is torn off and washed frequently, and it is a common problem among people who exercise several times a week. You can, as it were, choose disgusting hair or worn hair. But this shampoo and conditioner is adapted to wash the hair often without tearing, it will be exciting to try :)

    And I don't just see it as a training product, in the summer when you both sweat and bathe outdoors a lot, this is great!


    We were in Röhnisch's shop, and a panel that spoke about training from different points of view was very inspiring! And above all, I became super hungry to shop for nice training clothes, I want to be all pink :)

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    I am a periodizer when it comes to training and right now I have not trained for a very long time, and they had a very relaxed attitude to it all so it was nice. I get more inspired by it than when people try to push one to be motivated. Any of you who feel the same way?


    I was there too Caroline and Julia who also blogs, super nice :) Caroline joined me only from Uppsala and had to put up with me the whole trip haha, I bought a big take-away coffee that started to leak on the train!

    After a lot of coffee in my lap, wet napkins and no garbage cans, I saw no other way out than to sweep the whole cup, which resulted in a sweaty (super hot coffee), caffeine and incredibly urinating Helena when we finally arrived in Stockholm haha! I-country problem of course :)

    But it ended well anyway, luckily I did not wear white clothes only!


    We brought home a nice goodie bag with, among other things, the work out products of course! What do you think about this idea?


    Now I'll run away and pack today's orders, and then get started and play with my NEW CAMERA that came home today (wiiiiiiiie!).

    And must also go through the emails that have become overcrowded during the day! I have several email addresses that are all connected to the same except my Byher email, and for some reason I can not check it in the mobile so I have missed it completely now on the go. And since I have a lot of new brands in the gi shop this spring, it is extremely much emailed back and forth. Suuuperkul!

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    We'll see if I have time to do a make-up for you today or not, but unfortunately I think it will be tight with time.

    Hope you also had a wonderful day :) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Do not like their way of marketing the products. Washing the hair always wears on the hair despite good products as water dries out very much and the time after showering when the hair is wet is not good at all for the hair

    2. It was really nice to have you with you! And no, you are not "to put up with", accidents happen to everyone, some more often than others, but still, haha;) It was fun in any case, hugs!

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