Primer for oily skin (My best tip)

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    I have been looking for a really good primer for oily skin for a long time and now I have finally found it! This primer keeps the skin matte for a long time!

    There is a product that has been mentioned a few times in the blog recently, but which I have not presented to you in more detail because then I wanted to have time to include it in the webshop first.

    I'm talking about a product I've become addicted to, can-not-live-without-it-feeling, and I'm so proud to be able to sell this wonderful gem :)

    What primer do I use for my oily skin?

    You know how oily skin I have, I nag about it all the time it feels like, but Paese's face primer ”Makeup Base, MatteIs a real savior in times of need!

    Primer for oily skin (My best tip)

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    Available for purchase at Creative Makeup -> here!

    I have to powder about once an hour otherwise, preferably more often but who can handle it? But with this primer, it takes several hours before I see the hint of a little shine on the face, and suddenly it is enough to powder once a day! Once a day! It is absolutely incomparably good for me, and you who do not suffer from oily skin can probably not understand what a relief this is :)

    You just lubricate the face with this before applying the basic make-up (it also works on days when you are not going to put on make-up), and then you do the routines as usual.

    The primer is a transparent silicone-like cream that evens out the skin and makes it feel velvety. In addition, it contains a large dose of vitamin E.

    I have tried to take pictures of how cool I am after a whole day without primer, to compare with a picture after a whole day with primer, because the difference is huge! However, it is always so bad light, and above all various  light in the evenings so I have not got a good comparison picture yet. But it's coming :)

    I can at least warmly recommend this to you who suffer from the same problem as me, because on my skin it works gallantly anyway!

    Hope you liked my post about primer for oily skin! Also read my post about spring best-selling face primer!


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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. You suffer from oily skin, I on the contrary! - Extremely extremely dry skin !! Even though I lubricate myself a lot, I have even been prescribed prescription creams for my dry skin, but which still have not worked. However, it is due to my thyroid gland which I have just found out produces too little of the thyroid hormones. (hypothyroidism). No fun at all! May I hope that my levaxin will get rid of all the boring symptoms, the dry skin is just one of many! ;-(

      • God so sad to hear! Tough when it gets to a level where you can not only improve your skin care routines. Can write a post about makeup tips for dry skin so maybe you get some tips :)

    2. This sounded exciting. I have been thinking about buying exuviance matt perfection, but can they be compared? If it is easy to get acne and blackheads, does this work well anyway? It does not clog? When I hear silicone I get a little "scared", do not know why because I know nothing about it. But I simply do not want anything that clogs and gives me more pimples. Hug.

      • First of all, Exuviance Matte Perfection also contains silicone, so in that way they are the same! Silicone is a topic that is very controversial, mainly in environmental issues and hair issues. Silicones are not bad for the skin, but as with everything, there are those who get irritations from it - however, there is a big difference between cheap and expensive silicones (even in appearance, cheap are cloudy while fine silicones are completely transparent and clear ) and with such good brands as Paese and Exuviance, you do not have to worry because they of course use clean and fine ingredients! Then you should not forget that silicone is a collective name, there are lots of different silicones and you should not pull them all over a comb. So you will not get acne or the like from either Paese or Exuviance :)

        In terms of efficiency, I liked Exuviance Matte Perfection before, but on me Paese works much better and I also think that Paese hides the pores a little more than Exuviance. Paese has a slightly fuller formula than Exuviance. Hope you got a little wiser! Hug!

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