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    Amir teased me so much at the salon this week for my reaction when the delivery with our wonderful Pulsaderm Buddy finally arrived! I'm so in love with this little device, you know, jumps and bounces, and quite loud shouts of joy filled the store when the delivery finally rang on the door;)

    Many of you have probably heard of, and even tested, the popular Clarisonic brush that cleanses the skin much more efficiently than a regular cleansing routine. I have tested these myself, both for the face (with several different brushes) and for the body, and think they are incomparably good!

    Then I tested Pulsaderm which is a cleaning brush with the same principle, and actually liked these yet more! And now Pulsaderm is finally on Byher.se ♥


    What is Pulsaderm Buddy?
    Pulsaderm is an American skin care brand that, among other things, manufactures the wonderful cleansing brush Buddy - a cleansing tool designed to fit the hand perfectly and make the skin cleaner and softer than ever! I am a cleansing addict and know how a cleansed, soft skin feels, but I have never had such a clean and smooth face as now! :)

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    I also usually use it on the lips, best ♥

    The brush has pulsating movements that gently exfoliate, massage and cleanse, and at the same time start the blood circulation, which is great for the skin. Buddy is compact, light and cordless, which makes it easy both to store at home and to take with you when you travel.


    What are the positive properties of Pulsaderm Buddy for the skin?
    ♥ The skin and pores become cleaner
    ♥ The skin is massaged and the blood circulation starts
    ♥ Afterwards, the skin absorbs more of your moisturizer
    ♥ In the long run, fine lines and wrinkles can also be reduced.


    How to use Pulsaderm Buddy?
    Buddy is gentle on the skin and can be used every day. You can use it on both the face and the body, there is a special brush for the body that is a little rougher but the face brushes work great on the neck / décolleté.

    • Moisten your face and brush before use
    • Apply selected cleanser to the skin and / or brush
    • Select the desired speed of the brush, there is a gentle and a little faster
    • Massage with circular motions on desired areas, avoid sensitive areas such as under the eyes.
    • The appliance is waterproof and can be used in the shower (should not be dipped in water)

    I always have the fastest speed, I like when there is a little more speed! But always have the slower speed on and around the nose, because there I think it tickles so much haha. Has difficulty with electric toothbrushes also because it tickles so much in the "skeleton". Do you understand what I mean? :)


    There are several different face brushes, I use regular which is the coarsest.


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    I love the body brush! Usually have it in the bath and the skin becomes so incomparably smooth afterwards. You should not pull quickly over the skin but with circular movements slowly move forward, so I rarely do exactly the whole body as it takes some time, but shoulders, upper back and arms usually get a turn. And when it's shorts season this spring, I'll shave my legs and use Buddy the first thing I do;)


    What is included when buying Pulsaderm Buddy?
    ♥ Two replaceable brush heads, one regular and one for sensitive skin
    ♥ A toiletry bag for storage and travel
    ♥ AC / EU adapter + USB connection, so you can charge it both through the socket and in the computer or other USB socket

    Buddy is available in three different colors, blue, White and pink!

    There is also a body brush and a "super sensitive" which is very gentle, they are available to buy on the side. Here you see all the different brushes:

    IMG_3742_111 IMG_3758_111

    Pulsaderm vs Clarisonic
    As I said, I have tested both Pulsaderm and Clarisonic and there are some properties that are different:
    ♥ Pulsaderm's brush heads are concave, which makes it a little easier to access in certain places (eg around the nose and on the chin) without splashing water.
    ♥ Pulsederm feels a little more efficient and powerful.
    ♥ Clarisonic has a timer that turns off the device after a while, so you have to press it again all the time if you are going to use it longer or in larger areas, which I think is a bit disturbing. It does not have Pulsaderm.
    ♥ Pulsederm is slightly cheaper than Clarisonic
    ♥ Easier to take on and off the brush, I who have small pinches think that Clarisonic is a little more sluggish when you have to take off the brush head.


    Here you see what the back of the brush looks like, just press it onto the appliance, and then pull straight out to remove the brush head. How easy :)


    Annika has cleaned the skin in this way even longer than me, and before had problems with small "lumps" on the cheeks, jaws and on the back of the arms, but it has disappeared completely!

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    Pulsaderm Buddy costs words. price SEK 1195, but we a launch offer on Buddy as right now only costs 995:-!

    As I said, there are three different colors, as well as two away heads on the side for SEK 299, which you can buy for. You will find everything Byher.se :)

    Get in touch if you have any questions! ♥

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