Pump bottles and screw pens

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I just had an email conversation with a girl who got a production error on an eyeshadow primer she bought from me, it's a pump bottle but the pump did not work. It all ended with her writing today "Asked my boyfriend to check it out, and after probably 5 minutes of pumping it came”And after a bit of a dirty joke about it, I sat down in front of the mirror to do the day's make-up.

I would then try a new eyebrow pencil with a pin that you screw up, but no matter how much I screwed, the pin was no longer! And with the primer conversation fresh in my head, I thought "it might take a while before the screw function starts" and sat and screwed for 5 minutes….

…. before I realized it was a pencil to sharpen! The plastic thing I screwed on was just a removable plastic thing that showed what color the pen is, haha.


This is more or less how my facial expression was then :)

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Wasted minutes maybe, but I'm just glad I realized it before I emailed the company and told about the "production error on my eyebrow pencil" haha!

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  1. Haha, yes you feel a little stupid when you try and try and finally realize that you have done wrong all the time. :)

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