Question time!

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    Emma sa…
    Hi, can you not have Question Time soon? :) ”

    Of course I can! Tomorrow Malin and I will record the next video podcast (if everything goes as planned) and then I can answer all the questions in the podcast :)

    So take the opportunity to ask me what you want !! Both private questions and make-up questions are answered: D


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. What is your best product? Mascara, body lotion or something else? Just choose one!
      When did you start putting on make-up "for real"?
      Tips for those who want to put on more make-up but feel a little uncomfortable and "looked at"?

    2. What is your favorite foundation, besides the ones you sell yourself?
      Which brushes do you use / before you got hold of the ones you brought into the web shop?
      What was your line in high school? Do you have any education besides that?
      If makeup were to disappear all of a sudden, what would you have been working on then?
      How many children do you want in the future?
      Do you fold or wrinkle the toilet paper before using it? ^^

      Many questions haha!

    3. Hey!
      My foundation does not settle under the eyebrow when I apply it, whether I use primer or not. Of course, this looks awful and I do not know why it is so. With my BB cream I do not have this problem, and I prefer to use foundation. Hope you can help me, you are so good! Hug!

    4. I try to ask my question again :)
      When you blur the different colors, how do you make sure that they do not mix together but appear separately?
      For example, when you have white eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelid and dark shadow on the sides (of the white shadow), how do you blur these so that the result is not well-mixed?
      Do you blur from dark inwards to the middle or from the light towards the dark eye shadow?

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