SALE! Eyeshadows & blush for SEK 50

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    Paese renews its range and several of the shades are therefore based on our range in my salon (Storgatan 23c Uppsala) and web shop!

    It's always sad when favorites disappear, but the good news is:

    1. We have a sale! You can now find lots of eye shadows and blushes for only 50 kroner !!
    2. We have brought in news too woop, woop! I will write more about these in a separate post as soon as I have taken swatch pictures, but they are available for purchase already now.
    3. When we are still up and running, we also have sales on selected face primers from Paese that change packaging. 32% discount on the old packaging!

    I posted this in our social media yesterday + that the sale is also in store = the products have already started to run out, so do not wait if you open your eyes to something :)


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    Eight shades of Paese's blush are out and all are really SO good!

    I was very sad that the shade 35 disappears, it has already been sold out for a while before the sale, you who usually read all my product lists know that I use it almost evenly. But now the shade 50 has become my new favorite haha, so you will see a lot of it in the future :)


    It's not just one series that is deleted but several pieces. So in total there are 19 shades from 5 different series; both carpet, shimmery and trio palettes!

    Incredibly shimmery trio palettes in such useful shades! Really great! 108 is a standing favorite with me and 802 and 805 are a standing favorite with customers :)

    A matte trio palette that is perfect for everyday make-up for anyone who likes light and discreet tones.

    All shades of the Kashmir Trio series are discontinued, which I am very sorry about, oh what I played with these since we started the webshop several years ago! The shade 684 - just BUY IT haha, you will not regret it. No, but these are so soft, completely matte and incredibly pigment-rich, really a joy to work with.

    Had I been told that the black shade 602 from this series would be discontinued, I would have become gray-haired, but everyone can breathe a sigh of relief - it is still there! However, these five shades are eliminated and have the same formula as the trio shadows above.

    These shimmer shadows that give the eyelids a sparkling glow - Diamond Trio disappears completely from the range as well.

    For the sake of simplicity, I put all sale shadows in the same product in the webshop as well click here then you will come to all 19 eye shadows that are on sale :)

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    Face primer in pump bottle:

    It is always complicated in the beginning when a product changes packaging because some are left in the old and some are in the new. I solved this by posting a picture of both in the webshop and selling out the old packaging so that they disappear faster!

    The primer is available for three skin types: Mattifying (oily skin), smoothing (dry / normal skin) and Correcting (greenish tint for red skin).

    Mattifying is our best seller and is not on sale as the old packaging is already sold out, so you who buy it get the new tube packaging.

    But you can buy Smoothing and Correcting for only SEK 149, which is a -32% discount!

    Links to my webshop:

    I will take swatch pictures of the news and write more about it next week, but they are available to buy now if you want to get off to a flying start;)

    Hug you and have a great weekend! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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