Recap - small business hippie in corona times

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    All the circumstances surrounding the pandemic have made me feel like a small business hippie in corona times, haha.

    I have not blogged so much personally since Covid came this spring, but thought to do a little recap now :)

    Work from home when you live small

    I have worked from home even more than usual due to the pandemic. We live in a small attefallshus of 15 sqm in the country and both me and Miska work from home. It makes me feel even more like an "alternative entrepreneur" here at home in the little cottage.

    Not least this summer when I worked with a cat in my arms and two GOATS on the floor next to it. Oh what I want to work so every day, haha!

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    goats in residential area

    We took care of two goats for 1.5 months before they would move to a new home.

    They are so social! One goat, Jimmy, learned to wag his tail hard against the door so that he kind of "knocked" hahaha. How cute! You can not help but let them in then :)

    goat indoors

    Miska got pictures like this on Snapchat when he was not home haha. Then the goats were inside with me for about 1.5 hours while I worked at the computer.

    Great risk of getting a goat kiss on the carpet;) But it's worth it haha. I want to live with goats all the time!

    When I was little, my grandmother had a sheep that lived indoors with her. Got room clean and everything! Note it went in and out of course, it was not locked in the house haha. Isn't that a life goal so to speak? I love animals!!

    chicken in garden coffee cup

    But it was not just them who were with me when I worked. I took out the computer and a cup of coffee and worked out with them sometimes too :)

    Here the goats are not visible in the picture but they are next to me. The hen Lily kept us company too ♥

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    goats as pets

    But they have moved now :( I have been in grief!

    work from home small business owner corona cat

    Now in the autumn it looks like this all the time instead. Viktoria should always be ON my arms when I work! Klumpeduns :)

    Tiny living & camper van

    But we have had some free time too! The "alternative feeling" also comes from the fact that our little home looked like a whole camp sometimes haha. My nephews have been at home with us a lot. We've had so much fun!

    But our home is just a room with both a kitchen and a bed in the same room. Throw two children in there too;)

    I got up a few hours earlier than them and worked in the attic until they woke up. What is best about being self-employed than the opportunity to flex as you want!

    strandsjön järlåsa

    We live near a lake, you only walk a bit along the gravel road. So we borrowed the neighbor's boat and rowed out with the kids. Best ♥

    build campervan sunroof van life

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    And when we are not working, we also have the project of building the campervan! You can read more about that project in this post.

    We have not come that much further than what is stated in the post because we have worked so much now lately. Plus had trouble with the starter motor. But we have put in the roof hatch and started paneling the roof! That's why I'm standing in the car;)

    I will update more about our camper van later!

    Beauty salon in a pandemic

    The salon managed the spring and summer without laying off staff. We really did not want to lay off because we still had customers, it was last minute cancellations that was the problem.

    The second wave, on the other hand, has hit us hard, which has resulted in us having to lay off staff for the first time. It's very boring, but it's good that we have that opportunity anyway! :)

    We have customers in separate treatment rooms, disinfect all tools (as always) and use sterile disposable materials. We have mouth guards and now also visors over the mouth and nose. So we do everything we can to make customers want to come anyway!

    record pod equipment corona pod

    I have been in a podcast episode about staff and adjustments now in corona times (and a lot of other things). Together with Tommy Einarö from Peragenda and Sofie Skaränger from Listen to the episode here!

    Remote revenue

    The staff can not work remotely, but I can! That's why I've launched one make up yourself course online, as a make-up consultation fixed online :)

    Type 20 videos I have filmed! It turned out to be a really big project.

    Miska and I put more focus on this blog too! The income I get via the blog is small potatoes, but now small potatoes are also counted :)

    seo blogg design header

    Here we sit on Annika's sofa and fix the blog's new look! Lasted until midnight when this picture was taken.

    We have redesigned the blog's design (nice huh ??) for a more category overview instead of a long list of posts to scroll through.

    In addition, we go through old posts that have a lot of Google hits and update them. On the one hand, we make the posts more SEO-friendly, so they are more visible in google searches. As well as updating info that is no longer valid. If you come across a post from 2014, you may not think that it was written 6 years ago.

    So I edit a lot of old posts which is something I have never done before. Hope it gives a return :)

    assembly glazed conservatory video glass section mälby glass

    I have also produced three videos for the glassworks Mälby Glas in Alunda. Installation of glazed conservatory and details around it!

    Now I'm an expert on that too, if anyone needs help with glazing;) But you do not need help because the mounting films are so clear haha! If you want to check them out, they are there

    It is Miska who built the website and I who took all the pictures. Contact me at if you also want a new website!

    New make-up brand is on g!

    Apart from the fact that corona affects both my personal finances and business finances enormously, everything else is great! :)

    One of the most fun things going on is the work of developing a completely new makeup brand. I can not write much about the details, but I can tease a little.

    It has of course taken longer due to the virus. And the fact that I'm so picky hehe. But I can say that I am so happy with the results that I almost CRACK! This is going to be good;)

    A lot, a lot of time goes into this project now and of course I want to share everything. But we must have a little patience on that point!

    video call nice

    video conference headphones

    video meeting cat from home

    There will be a lot of video meetings now, but I think it's nice actually.

    I have always wanted to build a career that works at a distance, so it's nice that others also get used to distance work :)

    I feel life in me

    So, apart from the fact that corona is currently affecting the salon a lot, everything is very good! I live a free life with a fun job and a big project that I long for until I can share with you :)

    Then, of course, you can get depressed in financial stress, claustrophobia of staying at home and bitterness of not being able to go on holiday. But do you know? I do not feel that way at all. Now it's like this and then I just adapt to the situation. No weirdness!

    Hope everything is great with you too !! :)

    Have a nice Sunday everyone ♥

    Bonus tips! I like to support other bloggers and therefore want to recommend the post “15 best books on entrepreneurship, startups and entrepreneurship 2021”On the blog :) The first book tip "The lean startup" I have heard very well about and have also worked a bit based on that method myself actually when I set up the business plan for my new limited company 2020. I have not read the book, but I want to! :)

    Also read: Build the campervan - We bought a van!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Wonderful post! You are so incredibly positive and creative, despite the situation that is. You get really happy when you read! (And get a little guilty when you, like me, whine about most things).

      • Meeeen <3 God how happy I was now !! :) You think when you sit and write about yourself that "no but this is not fun for anyone else" but then you hear that you made someone happy, albeit for a few minutes, it's great fun! : D Thank you for commenting! <3

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