Red palette

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    This summer, Nicolin bought one red palette which I sell in the webshop.

    After a while I got an order from her to make a post about it, she thought it was sooo much better than she expected, and think you should know! You can not compare with the pictures in the webshop or how the colors look in the packaging, because it gets so much nicer on the skin :)

    I myself actually use this blush palette almost every day!

    The palette contains two matte shades, one yellowish pink and a darker more peach. You can vary a little and have one shade one day and the other at another time, maybe an everyday shade and a party shade? The light pink is great now in the winter when you are a little paler, and the peach pink suits all skin tones.

    Both Nicolin and I actually choose to mix the colors, it's so easy because the lid is so big. Then you dip the brush in one first and then the other, and then you mix them together by lightly rubbing the brush in the lid. Then you get a super nice shade!

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    A little bad picture, hope you look decent anyway!

    The shade on the left is the cute pink blush.
    The shade in the middle is the darker more peach pink blush
    The shade on the right is when I have mixed both blushes.

    The blushes are unusually large, 6.5 cm in diameter! In addition, they only cost SEK 99 :)

    Available for purchase HERE!


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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