Red lips that last all evening (4 step guide)

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    Christmas red lips, how beautiful is it not on a scale? I love it to everything! During the day for a large knitted sweater, at the meeting for the wide black fake glasses, and in the evening for the wardrobe's most beautiful party dress!

    But many who really thrive in red lips do not want it, because it is so hard to improve all the time.

    Here is therefore a post with tips on how to do and which products you can use for a result that sits like a charm, even if you eat and drink! :)


    Good products are always the best starting point, and then there are a few more tricks that make the whole thing extra durable and as sharp and neat as possible.

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    Here's how I do it:


    Primer with a transparent lip pencil, Paese Color Adapt Lip Pencil. I use it on the whole lips as a primer before the lipstick. It gives a smoother surface and makes the lipstick last better, especially if you have dry lips. If you have lines around the mouth, make the pen so that creamy lip make-up does not flow out outside the contour.

    I mainly think that it is so heavenly good when you, like me, always paint outside your natural contour. Then you want a smooth transition so that you do not see that "here is the lip skin" and "here is the normal skin". It is a little different structure. In addition, I have some pores and things that make it extra clear that you paint outside. So I paint with this pen on all the lips and then as much outside as I will make up, so you get a good foundation :)


    Then use a red lip pencil and mark the contours, it is much easier to get a sharp and nice contour with a pencil than to go on directly with the lipstick.

    I use Benecos Natural Lip Liner in the shade Red.


    Powder with transparent powder on the contours to fix the pen properly, then it will be more durable!

    I use Paese Bamboo Silk Powder which I then have all over my face, it is great if you, like me, have oily skin, and because it is transparent, it is good for many things, e.g. fix pens :)

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    End with gloMinerals Suede Matte Crayon in the shade Bombshell - here you have a durable lipstick!

    The color is matte, but does not feel dry at all on the lips. But because it is both matte and very rich in pigment, it gives a very lasting result, because it does not "slide around" on the lips when talking, eating and drinking.

    I posted a picture on Instagram the other day (@helenaamiley) where I took a picture 6 (almost 7) hours after I painted the pen, and it still sat just as nicely! Absolutely amazing :)


    Then it's ready and looks this nice!

    I dare not say that these lips last from morning to night no matter how much you eat and drink, because it depends on what you eat and how you eat as well.

    But I can say that these lips last for 5-9 hours for me, if I eat something that is not so sloppy I do not need to improve at all after, and if I eat e.g. tacos, of course, smokes a lot - but the difference is that I do not have to redo the whole lips, but it is enough to pick up the pen and draw a few quick strokes in the middle closest to the mouth and you are just as good-looking again!

    The big difference is if you need to improve once an hour as with many other lipsticks, or 1-2 times on whole day and evening :)

    IMG_2501_111 IMG_2504_111

    Kiss on is!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Very nice! One question .. When you paint on the lipstick, do you touch it inside the contours of the lip pencil only or even on?

      • I have not painted all the way to the edges, but only so that it goes nicely and evenly with the lip pencil, that is why I have used the lip pencil to get sharp contours without having to use lipstick for it :)

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