RefectoCil LongLash Gel

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    Sitting right now in bed and cuddling after taking care of myself with a 2 hour sauna, hair wrap and fragrant body butter.
    Just need to tip about this one brow / fringe industry RefectoCil LongLash Gel. It is not like Revitalash and such products, but is included as a caring conditioner.
    It contains vitamin E, D-Panthenol and glycerin which makes the lashes stronger and stronger. In this way, lashes also become longer, because the straws are not broken off as easily.
    You can have it instead of an under mascara or as one pack during the night. I had it in the sauna today, because wraps usually hurt better in heat. Felt mega good!
    RefectoCil is suitable for those who color and bend the lashes a lot or other daily wear.

    Or for those who generally have fragile lashes that fall off and become short.


    I have so far only used RefectoCil on the eyelashes. It's a little hard to say if I notice results of the industry, because I use Revitalash and get longer lashes from it.

    But it feels very good, and I will have great use for it when my lashes have grown completely, so that they can kept long longer, even when my Revitalash runs out. Especially since I plan to dye my lashes.

    Available for purchase HERE!


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