Remington Lady shaver - Review

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    I have tested the shaver "Lady Shaver" from Remington and thought I would share a little review about it now. I got home a press sample of it a few weeks ago, and above all I looked forward to being able to quickly dry-shave it under my arms if you are in a hurry some morning :)

    How does a lady shaver work?

    Remington Lady shaver - Review

    Remington Smooth & Silky Lady Shaver (adlink) is a relatively cheap shaver (SEK 229 on which according to the description should work for the whole body. I have tested it both in the armpits, on the snip and on the legs, but would probably say that it works best for small areas, nothing I would shave my legs with - however, I would like to have a shaver that can!

    This shaver should be able to be used both in the shower, or on dry skin. It also says in the description that you have to test it a few times before you get the technology, which I have done now and feel ready to give a review :)

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    Remington Lady shaver - Review

    First of all I want to say that it is not a super efficient shaver, and Remington themselves know that too I guess because they write themselves that you have to use it a few times before you get the cut - it is not something you pull over the skin and then disappears all straws at once if you say so.

    I might not have expected razor results right away, but the first time I tested it, I thought "is it really on?" for I did not think they made any difference at all the first features.

    But now after using it a few times, I have started to get along better with it. If you stretch the skin, and pull quite slowly with the shaver, it works better, in addition, you should shave in the direction that the straws do not grow (when you use a razor, you should do the opposite) then it goes faster and it shaves closer to the skin as well. . I have tested both on dry skin and in the shower, and on dry skin it is better I think.

    But well, I will use it in "emergencies" but it is not a best friend right away. You just want to be able to pull it over the skin and then it shaves off the straws, but with this you have to work quite a lot to get a good result.

    Finally, I would also like to add that my armpits do not like it at all, I tested a new deodorant when I started with this shaver and first thought that it was the one that irritated, but after examining it all, it is unfortunately the here that causes the itching in the armpits. It itches a lot if I shave after the shower, as the skin is warm even though I have dried with a towel, but it itches even if I shave dry.

    I do not know if it is me who is doing something wrong or if it is because the skin in the armpits is so thin, but regardless, a razor is proven to be more gentle on the skin because it never gets irritated by the skin.

    Remington Lady shaver - Review

    Sorry Remington, this was not the best product in my opinion!

    Have any of you tested this? Or any similar lady shaver? What do you think? :)

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