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    I wonder if you can have pressed powder (not mineral powder) directly on a primer or if you must have foundation as well? Previously, I only applied powder on the face, but heard a while ago that it is death for the skin and that you must protect the skin with foundation before applying the powder. What really matters?

    Then I also wonder what you would recommend for makeup if you have large pores in the t-zone you want to hide? I think that everything I have tried that promises minimization of the pores does not make any difference at all. After a while, you stand there completely blank in the sweep and with megapores. Not nice at all. :( ”


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    There is nothing that says that you can not have only powder, I do not know what the person in question meant by "death of the skin" but I can guess that he assumes that powder clogs the pores.

    Not all powders clog the pores, and there are foundations that do. Look for products with the text "Non-comedogen" this means that the product does not clog your pores.

    But if you are happy with the result with just your powder then there is no reason to stop with it. Unless your skin tells you to.


    To cover your large pores, there are several tips (you can read my previous post here) but if you only use primer and powder, I guess the problem lies in your skin care.

    One tip is to test the skin care brand Exuviance! It has helped my skin a lot! :)


    Here is my result after 3 weeks of using Exuviance products. Have made a previous post about it here, where I link to exactly the products I use.


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    Hope you are happy with the answer, and good luck! :)

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