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    Lovisa sa…
    "Hello! Found your blog a while ago and think you are incredibly good! It is so that my foundation is on the pour and I want to find something new, but have some thoughts about whether I should choose foundation or invest in only a mineral powder. Really have no problem skin, what I want to cover are occasional pimples and mainly irregularities in the skin such as dark circles or black pores. Now uses a budget variant, maybelines mousse foundation. It provides the right type of coverage, but is the wrong shade and crumbles quickly. In addition, I prefer to invest in a more expensive variant that is more gentle on my skin… Now this became very long haha, but what I wonder is really what is the difference in the result of foundation / powder? What do you recommend? If you have time to answer, I would be very happy for some advice! ”

    Hi Lovisa, what fun that you like the blog! :)

    Whether you should have a "classic" foundation in liquid form (possibly cream, mousse) or a mineral foundation depends very much on taste - what you like to work with most simply. You can get good results from both liquid foundation and mineral powder

    But there are some other things that matter as well. At the same time, you must not forget that it also depends on what brand you use and what kind of skin you have. But here is brief info where I have drawn all the marks over a comb:

    liquid foundation vs mineral powder

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    "Classic foundation"
    A creamy / liquid foundation melts into the skin more and thus also minimizes the visibility of pores and such irregularities. It is suitable for those with dry and / or mature skin, as it also moisturizes.

    However, it takes a little longer to apply, and in addition it is difficult to vary the coverage, ie if you need more coverage on some parts of the face and less on others.

    Mineral powder
    Mineral powders are quick and easy to apply, and it is easy to vary the degree of coverage by applying more / less in different places on the face. It usually does not contain unnecessary additives and does not clog the pores, which is good for people with sensitive skin. In addition, the powder absorbs moisture, which is good if you get oily skin during the day.

    I therefore recommend mineral powder to you, as you should only cover certain areas but otherwise only apply thinly to even out. Then you can easily dab a little more powder on the areas you want to cover more, and just sweep over with a soft brush on the rest of the face to even out!

    My favorite is mineral powder, nudh mineral is what I use. I like it precisely because it is so easy to apply and also because I am very oily in the skin and need a little drier products.

    nudh mineral basic makeup before after

    Just nudh mineral is such a good brand because it does not contain any unnecessary additives, and it still gives such a nice result that is both opaque and natural with a lot of luster!

    Hope the post was helpful :)

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