Review: Brow Tattoo Peel-off from Maybelline

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    Last week I published a review on Maybellines Brow Pomade, here is another review of a product from the same tattoo series, Maybelline Tattoo Brow Brow Peel-off (advertising link) that both colors the brow hair and the skin underneath and lasts for up to three days!

    What is the Maybelline Tattoo Brow Peel-off?
    A liquid cream that both contains brow color + DHA that you have in tan without sun products. This means that you both dye brow hair at the same time as the brows are filled in as a shadow on the skin. Like a brow tattoo that lasts for a few days only.

    The lid has a brush applicator for easy application. The formula is like a thick gel in consistency. When it dries it is like rubber type.

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    The application is very simple, the only thing that is difficult is that the action time is 2 hours.

    1. Apply a proper layer in the desired brow shape. Fine-tune the edges with tops, the cream does not dry immediately so there is no stress.
    2. Let work for 2 hours
    3. Remove the paint with your fingers (do not rinse off)

    It does not say anything about it in the description but I cleaned the area with oil-free products before and then I avoided water on the brows for about 12 hours. Logically, it should make the durability longer, I think.

    A few hours after this, I felt that it irritated the skin on the eyebrows and became a little worried that I would have an allergic reaction. It went over later but still want to write it so that you who are sensitive know that you should do a little allergy test first :)

    The color looks very dark during the application time, I used the shade Light Brown.

    Pulling away was very easy! Nothing got stuck in the straws and does not sit tight at all. You do not have to be afraid of the wax effect if you say so;)

    I am happy that the color is even! I have tested henna eyebrows before but it attaches differently where the skin absorbs the pigments more. But this one will be smooth and nice.

    However, I do not think the shade is so nice, I have used Light Brown and it was very reddish in tone immediately after. I thought it would settle but on the contrary thought that the color became even redder when it started to disappear.

    I have only tested one shade to be added, it is available in Medium and Dark as well and they can have a nicer tone I do not know :) I think it is easier to make nice dark tones in this type of product than a nice light brown ?

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    Here you see that the color is quite warm. But otherwise fine right? :)

    I have very oily skin so my expectations were not high. I can imagine that this is a product that fits better on dry / normal skin type.

    But to my surprise, it lasted for three whole days and even a little longer! Which I personally thought was a shame because I did not like the color and wanted to try to rub it away haha. But I test the durability for you so I washed my face just like I usually do, morning and evening and had eyebrow cleansing but did not rub around more than usual.

    It disappeared in a pretty discreet way too, not flaming, spotty or so but it got a little brighter day by day only.

    As for the durability of the straws themselves, I have to say that it is really difficult to judge, because it is a light brown color and I already have light brown straws. But when the color from the skin disappeared, the eyebrows looked like before again.

    I think this is a perfect product for a weekend trip or so. When to book a spa weekend? :) I just think that two hours of action every 3 days, is it worth everyday? If it had been a salon product, I would have understood it more because then you get help with the shape as well, or if it had lasted for a whole week maybe. But if you can already shape your eyebrows, it goes very fast with a pencil or similar, it goes much faster with makeup than with this thick gel with tops and action time.

    Summary: I have a little hard to understand the purpose of bothering with this for such a short shelf life, but if you feel that it is a product for you, it is worth trying I think! For me, the color was even and the durability kept its promise! However, the red-warm tone ruined the whole result and made me still want to put make-up over my eyebrows. But if you either want warm eyebrows or want to try one of the darker colors then there is a good chance that you will be satisfied!

    Maybelline Tattoo Brow Brow Peel-off (advertising link) costs SEK 159 on e.g. and there you can read 27 customer reviews also for even more info! I have not read through but it is on average 3 out of 5 stars.

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    If any of you have tested, it would be fun to hear how it turned out for you!

    Hug ♥

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