Review: Garnier UV Water

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    There are very many who are careless with sunscreen, you easily think that you are good because you lubricate yourself when you ice cream on the beach, but in this heat it is important with sunscreen every day, regardless of whether you are free or not! Even if you are not lying on the beach, you spend a lot of time outdoors when you are out and about, having a coffee in the sun etc.

    Then why is it so hard with sunscreen? Because I think so too! It's that it's an eternal lubrication, I think it's so boring to lubricate the body, it's so big haha. The face goes in a second, but lubricating the body is drilling!

    To all of you who think just like me, I now want to recommend Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water SPF 30 (adlink) which is also in SPF 20 but at least 30 I use.

    I got this as a press test a while ago and now I use it daily and am SO happy! Suddenly I do not think that the sun protection routine is a pain anymore :)

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    What is Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water SPF 30?
    Sunscreen in water form that is easily sprayed on the body, like a body mist! No smudges and no lubrication, spray on and then you are done!

    It is two-phase and it is the oil part that contains the sunscreen, so it is very important to shake it before use.

    The product promises the following:
    • Both UVB and UVA protection
    Enriched with aloe vera to moisturize for 8 hours. The aloe vera originates from plants grown in Mexico according to ecological principles.
    • Does not feel sticky but gives a silky smooth feeling
    • Waterproof

    Recommended price is SEK 179 and contains 150 ml. Available to buy HERE.

    If the shape of the packaging is good or bad, there is no easy answer, for me with small hands it is actually a bit too wide to be very easy to hold when spraying - but at the same time I like that it is flat because it takes almost no space at all in the purse! And the latter point I value higher actually :)

    The spray function itself works without problems for me, it becomes a nice spray shower and nothing goes wrong.

    As you can see in the picture, I have already used it a lot - and when it is finished, I will probably definitely buy refills!

    It is at the point of application that this is spotless! Spray everywhere you want the sunscreen and then it's done. You do not even need to lubricate with your hands afterwards, spray on then it's ready!

    It is even super easy to spray the upper part of the back myself and I can also handle the lower part! And if you need to ask someone for help for the back part, you do not have to get a bothered face in response (if, for example, I also have a partner who finds it difficult to get their hands smeared) because it is so easy and smudge-free :)

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    With regular spray sunscreens, you usually spray part of the body at a time and lubricate with your hands from time to time. This results in the bottle eventually becoming very sticky because you have sunscreen on your hands and your finger just slides on the spray button. But you avoid that problem with this because you can spray all over your body at once and do not even have to lubricate with your hands at all!

    If you happen to spray too much or with a short distance, the skin becomes a little oily, but it still does not become sticky but just feels like a very moisturizing dry oil. So for me it does nothing but you can feel that you want to lubricate a little with your hands then.

    Amount of sunscreen
    The only thing I think about is if you really get up in SPF 30 when you just spray on and do not even need to lubricate with your hands. They say that you need a fairly large amount of sunscreen to get the protection that is on the bottle.

    I do not have an exact answer to that but I can say that I burn myself very easily and after a whole day in a bikini on the beach I did not have the slightest sign of redness in the evening - and then I had only used this except that I had spf 50 in the face and décolleté. I had not missed a stain and had not turned red anywhere.

    In addition, I bathed from time to time and even though it is waterproof, I wanted to improve in areas that are extra exposed such as shoulders, arms and décolleté - and it was possible in a second to spray on :)

    It smells like "classic sunscreen" but very mild, I had to smell it before I wrote this because I kind of have not even thought about whether it has a scent.

    There are few products that get a 5/5 rating from me, but I really like this one a lot! :)

    Summary - On the beach I can stand with a cream that is lubricated as usual and then I preferably have spf 50 everywhere as well. BUT as an everyday spf, I LOVE this one! So smooth - no mess and no time consuming!

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    Have a nice day everyone - and remember to use sunscreen;)

    Hug! ♥




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    1. Hey! I became curious about this. But I do not find a table of contents when I google it. Do you possibly still have the table of contents? Mvh / Mia

    2. This should be applied in two layers to get up in spf 30, then I felt that it got a little messy. Then I also got small patches on my upper arms when I used this in the beginning, they disappeared and the bottle has been out for a long time, but I do not think I will buy a new bottle

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