Review: IsaDora natural matt oil-free foundation

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    I have received a press sample of IsaDora's new foundation Natural Matt Oil-free Foundation, which was launched last autumn. I have put this to the test and am now ready to give you a review :)

    The product promises these properties:

    • Soft, natural matte finish
    • Velvety and radiant skin
    • Oil free
    • Elastic formula with a comfortable "second skin" feeling
    • Minimizes fine lines and pores
    • Very moisturizing
    • Medium-covering and buildable
    • Vacuum pump tube

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    A pump bottle in a tub shape, which I think is both flexible and hygienic!

    Light in texture and easy to apply. It sinks well into the skin without you having to work it in a lot. The foundation dries quickly but I think it is positive, but I think it is a question of definition whether it is good or bad.

    I have the shade 10 and think it suits me well.

    I have tried applying it with both fingers and different brushes and think it will be good in every way.

    It should be buildable, meaning that you can add more layers for more coverage, but I have not tested this myself because I like the coverage as it became and prefer to use concealer for more coverage in certain areas.

    If you are very smooth in the skin and not as oily as me, you may get away without fixing with powder, but I have to have powder left over for my skin type.

    It is not comprehensive but it made me quite happy for most debilitating, oil-free foundations often have quite a lot of coverage as well and become like a matte mask on the face. But this one will be much more natural at the same time as it still has a lot of coverage so it gets a plus for that!

    The foundation becomes dull without feeling powdery and becomes smooth and even on the skin.

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    Durability and oiliness
    I can not recommend this foundation for people with both oiliness and a lot of wrinkles, I have a stubborn wrinkle from the nasal wing down to the corner of the mouth and this foundation settles a lot in the crease there no matter how thin layer I try to apply and although I fix carefully with powder.

    As for the oiliness, if you have as oily skin as me, there is no wow foundation at that point. I can handle it quite well if I have lots of powder that I press firmly on the skin, but with a "normal amount" of powder, I get oily already after about half an hour. I do the base first and then when I have done the eyes I have to powder myself again.

    Costs SEK 169 but I found it for SEK 165 HERE (Adlink) if you want to earn 4 kroner hehe, they also have free shipping.

    Summary - Very nice formula, natural and fine coverage and also a plus because it does not make the skin as powdery matte and flat as many other foundations for oily skin. In addition, a plus because the skin becomes smoother. If you do not have wrinkles / lines or a lot of oiliness, I could recommend this. However, if you, like me, have some deep lines and also need a little more depressing results without needing a ton of powder, you should look further.

    A 4 gets this one rated by me! Not all foundations can suit everyone so I feel that all the points that only have to do with my skin type (my deep wrinkle + that I am a little too oily for this) can not lower the rating so much. So, for some people this is probably a 5-pointer, but if you just read the product description, it sounds like I would be the perfect target group so it lowers the rating as for me personally it is on a 3rd grade.

    Any of you who have tested this? What do you think? :)


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