Review - Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Filler

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I have received a press sample on the news Brow Precise Fiber Filler (Soft Brown) (adlink) from Maybelline, and already after the first use I was completely sold!

What is it?
Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Filler is a colored brow mascara with fibers that give color, shape and volume in one sweep.

Expectations and first impressions
It promises a three-dimensional WOW effect and I thought it sounded too good to be true, I thought the fibers would settle like "extra hairs" and look incredibly strange .. But that was actually exactly my first word when I tested it for the first time - WOW! Surprisingly good indeed!

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The breasts
You apply the brow mascara with a flat rubber brush with small spikes. In the picture above you also see the small fibers that protrude from the cream, you can not believe that it should work well? But the light deceives!

The eyebrow mascara is available in two shades, Dark blonde and Soft Brown.

What is the difference compared to a regular eyebrow mascara?
An eyebrow mascara for me is a gel or cream that makes the straws lie well combed and nice, emphasizes them and makes them stay in place all day. But this brow mascara also makes the straws fuller / thick, which makes them even more malleable at the same time.

The formula is a cream but becomes almost like a wax that makes the straws incredibly easy to shape. And they are not only colored but actually incredibly much thicker, I otherwise have very thin straws.

Brush your eyebrows with a swipe and it will look shitty right away, it's the curling simple! You can either apply a little or brush in quite a lot.

My eyebrows are usually thin and they all grow to the side, which I think is so boring, I love eyebrows that grow straight up in the front edges! Now I have used serum on the eyebrows that made them grow a little, and now with this product I actually get them to stand up straight! :) I can make all my straws stand up straight with this brow mascara haha.

With regular brow mascaras, they are in place but they are so thin that you really never get them to lie up, but the fibers in this make the straws so full and thick that they obey orders, love it!

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Yes you look so nice! My strands in the front edge of the other brow have not become as long so they can not get this good, but I am really happy with my left brow now and unreasonably happy when I sit and brush up my 4 small upstanding brow hairs haha.

89 kronor! So affordable too! Available at, among other places (adlink) and they have free shipping as well.

Rating 5 out of 5 I really think this product deserves!

Summary - Great eyebrow mascara for you who want full and lightly shaped straws in the eyebrows. Affordable, quick to apply and available in 2 nice shades. I have only tested them on my own eyebrows, but I am at least crazy happy!

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