Review - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 604 Milk as an eye primer

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    Using the thick, white pen NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade 604 Milk Lait as an eye shadow primer is very common and I have seen makeup artists / bloggers use it for several, several years :)

    Still, I myself have not tested this until now, I am a little shocked myself that it has not happened before actually haha!

    What is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil?
    In short about the pen, it is a cream in pen form that is described as a multi-product, works well as an eye shadow, wide eyeliner, highlighter in the corner of the eye or as I said - as an eye shadow primer.

    Recommended retail price is SEK 69 so it is affordable too, HERE (adlink) it costs 65 kroner + free shipping.

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    How does it work as an eye shadow primer then? Here is my review!

    The pen is easy to apply, the formula is soft so it slides on the eyelid very easily without having to touch.

    It gets very sharp right away, but it is easily toned out by dabbing a little with your fingertip.

    Then it will be like this!

    A creamy and reasonably sticky base that the eye shadows attach really well to! They become pigment-rich and although it is quite creamy, it is easy to fade out the shadows also because it is not for sticky.

    It is at this point that it is lacking.

    You who follow me know how oily I am in the skin and the eyelids are no exception, therefore I get picky about eye shadow primers (and think it is so very important to use!) Because a person with dry skin has reviewed a primer that is great so does not mean it will fit on my super fat eyelids. And so does not this one either.

    At the end of the day, I looked in the mirror and in the globe line, the eye shadow lay like two lines. Very sad because otherwise I liked this a lot!

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    Summary - Easy to apply, affordable and makes the eye shadows colorful and good-looking while being easy to fade. But if you have very oily skin, this is not an eye shadow primer for you as in such cases it does not last a whole day. However, I think that you with less oily eyelids can get good durability with this because on a large part of the eyelids the eyeshadow was still nice, it was along the globe line where it is most oily + stress when you blink as the eyeshadow was like a line.

    I skip the rating of the pen because I only judge how it works as an eye shadow primer, and it is not even a property that products themselves promise but only private individuals who have realized that it works well for it :)

    This is an old product in the NYX range, so surely more of you have tried to use this as a primer? Or as an eye shadow / eyeliner? Will it be sustainable for you?

    You can buy it HERE if you are hungry! :)




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