Revlon Highlighting Palette

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    On October 15, will start selling make-up from the popular brand Revlon, and one of their news is a highlighter palette that I have tested and intended to show you!

    I have the shade "Rose Glow" which consists of five light shades in both pink, peach and a little bronze-like tones. You can choose if you want to wrap the brush over the entire palette and get a mixture of all shades (which will be really nice) or if you want more pink from the top of the palette or peach bronze from the bottom.

    The product gets a thumbs up for the nice shades, the luster in all shades and that you can easily vary which color you want to use! The shadows are rich in pigment and very nice!

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    To the right is a mixture of all the shades, in the middle it is more pink tones and to the left it is more peach bronze tones. (My nails are so brutally long now haha, I really have to take the time to file them down a bit!)

    However, I do not like when highlighters become so glittery… Shimmery and luminous highlighters are great, but when it becomes more like glitter grains like this one, it immediately becomes less useful. Too bad for such a nice palette!

    It's obviously a matter of taste, but if I use a highlighter that is not matte, I do it to make the skin look healthy and fresh, not glittery. I can imagine that this is super nice on the eyes and on the blush and cheekbones, but I would not use it in the forehead, nose chin where I usually use highlighter.

    In other words - I like this palette and think it's a fun product to have in makeup when it's already there, but I do not know if I would have put money on it actually as I would rather have invested in a highlighter that you can have on more areas of the face without having to walk around and glitter. If you want it on your cheeks, you can probably just as well buy a semi-glittery blush instead of having two products.

    What do you think of glittery products on the face? :)

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    Helena Amiley
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