Right now - Towards Turkey!

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    Hi fine ni!

    I will slowly but surely come back to work again, and start a little right with the blog and things that I can manage from home, but also that feel a bit like therapy for me. The blog has never felt like an evil must and I'm starting to get a little abstinent now! :)

    Today is Monday and just this week, it was actually, even before all the chaos, planned that I would be away from work. I had planned to prepare blog material last week (and those plans were changed) but this is my only planned holiday week for the whole summer and I am actually going to Turkey!

    And even though it feels wrong to "go away for fun", it will feel terribly nice to get away from it all. I do not go with anyone either, but with my sister Mia and her two children Meja and Mila! :)


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    Offers a picture from my recent trip abroad in Cape Verde ♥

    In other words, I will start updating a little more here but I will not be back at work until July 6 and it is only then that I will return to the routines and update regularly with make-up and product reviews.

    But I hope you will like some holiday pictures and flashbacks to old make-up for so long? :)

    Hugs are!

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    1. Agree with the others, think it's great to take a turn - and there is no right or wrong in a grief, you do exactly as you feel. Nice that you are back a little grand, have thought a lot about you the last few days even though we do not know each other. Hug

    2. You're doing the right thing. Your mom wants you to live and do all the fun you planned. She is enjoying with you now in the sun and heat. Life must be lived. You always have the memories.
      You know what, I was in Cape Verde 4 years ago. Absolutely wonderful island. There my partner went down on his knees and proposed to me… such a romantic surprise <3
      It will be so exciting and fun to see you again! Big warm hug to you !!!!!

    3. Hello there!
      Usually read your blog sometimes. Think it's good!
      I want to wish you a wonderful trip as I understand that you do not have your mother left. I was really touched by it! Nice to go with your sister now! Big hug and take care of you! Have a good time, Camilla wishes.

    4. It's not wrong or stupid to go for fun when life feels tough - ON THE OPPOSITE!

      That's when you need it the most. Enjoy changing the environment and get rid of the must for a short time. Refuel and just LIVE! Your mother wanted that. 💜

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