Rituals Xiu Xi Massage Oil

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    Yesterday I received a press sample with products from Ritual's new Tao series. It is a collection that focuses on balance between Yin and Yang, and gives peace to you who have a hectic lifestyle!

    Yesterday I tested the massage oil Xiu Xi at Miska, and since I am not planning more massages in the near future (haha) I thought I would give my review already :)

    The new Tao collection with soothing White Lotus, cooling Chinese mint and soothing Yi Yi Ren has been designed to create balance in your hectic life. The soothing massage and body oil Xiu Xi is enriched with White Lotus and the moisture from Yi Yi Ren.

    I'm not so much for "regular" massage oil otherwise, it feels like a lot of synthetic kits that are only there to create glide as well. Then I prefer to use body butter or something if I do not have another oil at home.

    But this is a very moisturizing and nourishing massage oil that mostly consists of oil from grapes and almonds, great for dry and chapped skin!

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    The oil comes in a nice green pump bottle and I think it's great, hate oils where it's just a cork with a big hole so you almost always happen to take too much. Why are there so many oils with such bottles? Absolutely unreasonable. But this one is great! Contains 100 ml.

    Oh I love the scent, I get calm from just it and would kind of need a scent oil like this at home I feel :) Can not describe it at all in words, it smells a bit "Rituals" if you can say so haha. Fragrant without becoming strong, harmonious!

    The oil is great as a massage oil, it glides well without being sticky or troublesome! Two thumbs up :)

    It says that it is mainly a massage oil but also works as body oil, and I understand why because it is very nice on the skin and you feel super soft afterwards (I have lubricated the whole body to test). I think it goes into the skin perfectly quickly to be a massage oil, you do not want it to go into the skin too quickly then, while you do not want to be slippery like an eel after either. But as a body oil, I want one that goes into the skin super fast, and it does not.

    A wonderfully delicious, fragrant, emollient and wonderful massage oil that feels luxurious and soothing, perfect both for yourself and as a gift for someone you like! However, not quite as optimal as body oil, but it works.

    Miska who got the massage also said that he likes it, the oil then, or yes, the massage with :)

    The oil costs SEK 159 and is available for purchase HERE!

    Hope you have a wonderful evening ♥

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