Rosacea & Dr. Hauschka Foundation

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    I have had two "test rabbits", Malin and Frida, who have tested Dr. Hauschkas new foundation that I sell on!

    Rosacea is very common here in Sweden, and therefore I wanted to find out how this foundation goes together with rosacea because I get many questions about it. I have received several positive reviews for Yag mineral from people with rosacea! Malin has quite rough rosacea while Frida has milder but is drier in the face, and they were cute and tested this and now I just got their reviews :)

    dr.-hauschka-foundation - copy

    ♥ The color was absolutely perfect for my fair skin.
    ♥ It was very good and easy to get nice with just your fingers. Tried once without concealer to see what the coverage was like. To my surprise, it was better than my mineral powder foundation!
    ♥ It was easy to apply a little more of the places where I wanted it.
    ♥ It sat very well without primer and even better with of course.
    ♥ I have a little dry skin and then it becomes light crocodile skin when I put on make-up. Especially when my rosacea has a flare-up and I have to use my medicated creams. They dry out and then it is usually boring to try to put on make-up.
    ♥ Then if I could stand it. I did. I have tested it three days in a row. On half the face so that would be enough for three tests. Because sometimes the rash and redness come after a day. But no deterioration yet! :)

    So I am really happy and it would be a good complement to my powder foundation.

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    Frida (Malin who wrote):
    ♥ She tested for two days. She has milder rosacea. She tolerated it too and the color was perfect!
    ♥ She is much drier in the skin than me and has had problems getting the skin nice when applying make-up.
    She has tested other liquid mineral foundations but she has either not tolerated them or has not received any good coverage. This one was great on her and she even thought that in everyday life when she is at her best in her rosacea, she can do without concealer. Suitable for a single mother well :)
     The only thing she thought was a little worse was the smell. But that was just right when applied. Then it disappeared.


    Here is before and after on my skin! There is sample bags at for SEK 5 + a swatch with the shades next to each other so you can compare. If you are unsure before buying one large foundation :)

    Malin ended with the sentence:
    “So you can safely recommend them with rosacea to test this product. Everyone is different, of course, but there is a good chance that more people with rosacea can tolerate it. ”

    Thank you very much for your help Malin and Frida, hope it is appreciated by my readers too! :)

    Hope you all have a great Thursday! ♥

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      • No, I have not noticed at all! Even though I have oily skin and foundations are easier to oxidize on such a skin type. I have used this foundation almost every day since I got it home and have never had a problem with it :) Try it !! Nice to hear what you think :)

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