Rosacea? Try Zuii Organic's green face primer!

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    I received an email the other day from wonderful Malin who has tested the face primer Zuii Organic CC Base in the shade Mint, and wrote a review on it! :)

    The mint primer is slightly green tinted and neutralizes red areas, and since it is so practical on a complexion with rosacea (which usually has a lot of red areas), I wanted to check out a rosacea complexion as well can withstand the. For such a skin is so heavenly sensitive and often reacts to different products. So I sent primer to Malin and her sister who both have rosacea to see how it worked.


    Here you see my before and after pictures! Read my previous post here.

    Malin has quite a lot of rosacea and is very sensitive. Her sister Frida has a slightly milder rosacea, but is instead incredibly dry. Here are their reviews:

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    Rosacean - I tolerated it around my nose and chin. It was both good and bad. Good because it's in the places I need it the most both to hide blushes and make the makeup stay on. Bad because I would have liked to have it all over my face.

    Result - Immediately upon application, it did not seem to hide anything at all. But since, as usual, I put the new one on half my face and my usual make-up on the other, I could notice the difference. Less foundation and concealer were needed. It was not completely wrong :)

    Sustainability - It kept the makeup well in place during the day, but neither better nor worse than my powder primer I have under my powder mineral makeup. But since I do not have any primer to have under my liquid foundation, this fulfills its function more than well.

    Conclusion - So overall I am happy and recommend them with rosacea to try!

    Rosacean - She has milder rosacea and tolerated it all over her face.

    Result - She thought it was great! She took it all over her face and then applied it with foundation. After that, only a little concealer was needed around the nostrils. But as everyday makeup, it worked perfectly and it was fast and smooth.

    Sustainability - Kept the make-up in place and did not make the skin dry, which she otherwise easily happens to.

    Conclusion - So she really recommends this one :)

    The primer is very suitable for people with very dry skin, it neutralizes the red in a natural way so you need less of the opaque makeup over. However, there is a risk that it does not suit you with a lot of rosacea, but as with all products, it is very individual what fits and not on your rosacea skin, so Malin still recommends trying!


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    Wonderful! :)

    The primer is a flexible and hygienic pump bottle that contains 30 ml, and costs SEK 299

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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