Rosacea - Red rash on the face (cause & treatment)

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    Rosacea or just red rashes on the face? In this post, I go through what rosacea is, what treatments are available and what you can do to treat it.

    I also give tips on how to put on make-up and links to previous posts where I made up a customer, among other things. In those posts, I also show before and after pictures. :)

    Rosacea or red rash on the face?

    Contents red rash on the face:

    What is Rosacea?

    Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease that usually affects the face and causes red rashes on the face.  It is not contagious and the rash and redness can come and go. The disease is most common in middle-aged people and can occur suddenly and range from mild to severe. 

    Rosacea or red rash on the face treatment

    Here is a close-up of my customer that I made up in the post "Make up skin with rosacea ”.

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    Why do you get Rosacea?

    The cause of rosacea is currently not fully known and is affected by, among other things, genetics, hormones, diet & environment.

    However, there are some "triggers" that can aggravate the skin condition. It is good to be aware of your own "triggers" so as not to make the problems worse. 

    Triggers can include:
      • Hot food & drink
      • Caffeine
      • Flour products
      • Alcohol
      • Spicy food
      • Stress & hormones
      • Cold & wind or sun & heat
      • Some skin care products and makeup

    A good tip to find your own "triggers" is to start writing a diary of your activities, diet and stress levels as well as the level of rosacea. It does not have to be more difficult than that you point out your activities, what you have eaten, your stress level, your rosacea level and if something special happened that stands out e.g. "Ran to the bus this morning", "quarreled with the boss".

    You will eventually easily begin to see connections and see which activities or which diet increase or decrease the discomfort.

    How do I know if I have Rosacea?

    Rosacea can sometimes be confused with acne, these are not the same thing. However, some tips that work to relieve acne can also relieve rosacea e.g. diet & reduced stress. (You can read my great post about acne & pimples here).

    Common symptoms of rosacea include:
      • Stinging or warming sensation in the skin.
      • Red and reddened skin.
      • Dilated superficial blood vessels.
      • Small blisters, lumps and red rashes on the face.

    Can you have Rosacea in your eyes and on your nose?

    It can be the cause of red nose and come as red rashes on the face and also cause eye problems in the form of irritating or red eyes. It usually occurs on the nose, cheeks, chin or forehead.

    Severe rosacea can cause the nose to become uneven & enlarged, this is due to the growth of sebaceous glands. This symptom is uncommon and most commonly occurs in men. See illustration below.

    rosacea red rash on the face treatment
    Image source:

    How to treat Rosacea?

    There are various creams and gels that help relieve rosacea, the over-the-counter ones usually contain metronidazole. However, you should be careful and only use it if you have been diagnosed with rosacea.

    If you have or suspect that you have rosacea and have problems with it, you should consult your dermatologist / dermatologist for help. It can also in some cases be treated with antibiotics, even with successful treatment it can suddenly come back. 

    There are new creams and treatments for rosacea sometimes, they work a little differently from person to person. For example. Soolantra cream for the treatment of inflammatory lesions or juvéderm volite which is an injection treatment. These can help relieve rosacea.

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    I myself have no experience of rosacea, but as a makeup artist I have many clients who get over it in different ways. My recommendation is 1. get help and 2. test yourself on what works best for you.

    What can I do to treat it myself?

    You can treat rosacea naturally yourself by changing your diet & lifestyle habits that aggravate the symptoms and finding your "triggers". Skipping dairy products and eating more "natural food" with very good bacteria, vitamins and minerals is not only good for reducing the ailments but also good for the whole body! :)

    So whether you have rosacea or just red rashes on your face, diet and stress are important factors to look at. The skin is our largest organ and if the body does not absorb the right substances and feel good, it begins to be felt on the skin, hair & nails.

    You can read the section on diet & acne here: Treat acne & pimples with the right diet (Even if they are not the same thing, both are skin conditions and have a great connection between diet & environment).

    If you flare up a lot, be careful what you use for facial cleansing. If you use strong products, you risk removing the skin's natural oils and protection, which means that the skin's own ability to heal is slowed down. Use a mild facial cleanser and clean gently so that the skin is not irritated and has the opportunity to recover.

    Can rosacea be treated with laser & IPL?

    Some types can be treated with laser and IPL. The treatment mainly reduces redness and superficial blood vessels.

    Makeup for Rosacea skin:

    My tips for good products for rosacea are 1. perfume-free products that are light and do not clog the pores 2. green-toned primer 3. yellow-toned redness relief powder and 4. a creamy concealer.

    The best foundation for rosacea depends on how much coverage you want. I use often Pixi H2O Skintint (link to my web shop) on my rosacea customers because it is a healthy gel that sinks into the skin, provides adequate coverage and a fresh glow. Then I apply concealer and products that neutralize redness on the areas that are red. In this way you get rid of the redness effectively while you get a natural and nice base :)

    Have made two previous posts about makeup and rosacea which you can read here:

    Also found this girl who blogs and has a youtube channel about, among other things, living with rosacea.

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    Kristin and Company - Click here to get to her blog.

    You will also find more info, news and pictures of rosacea at National Rosacea Society.

    If you have your own tips & experiences on treatments, diets or products that work better for you, feel free to comment below and share! :)

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