Rose glitter nails

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    I do not usually blog so much about nail polish because I do not think it is so fun to read about - so have just assumed that you who read do not do it either? Even though it's quite fun to blog about on the other hand :) If you want more of that, shout out!

    But now I can not help it because I have two new favorites that make me love my nails even though I just had to cut them off completely.

    I have been doing acrylic nails on myself for quite some time now (not extension but only reinforcement) which resulted in all my nails becoming so long and beautiful!

    Cut to: I worked with wood for a whole weekend (not nail-friendly) and when the 3rd nail broke so far in that it became sore and many had cracks far in, I realized that I had to cut them all off if I could continue with the wood - and without hurting me any more.

    Said and done! When you have had long nails for a long time, so heavenly unusual when they become short! It's like you suddenly have half as long fingers haha.

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    There are also completely different types of nail polish that I enjoy if I have long compared to short. When I have short nails, I like colors that are light, metallic and glitter rather than colorful shades. I do not know why, it's something I just think of myself :)

    So when I received the latest press release from IsaDora called Galactic (no matter how nice products, by the way, check out the latest collection here!) so I sat down immediately and started painting with the new nail polish!

    It was a bit fun because during Halloween I had long, black nails with silver glitter and glitter is so extremely hard to remove with a remover so I said to Miska "never more glitter nail polish !!”.

    … Then came the press release and the first thing I picked up from the press release was a gold glitter nail polish and then I said “no not glitter, not again”Meeen when 2 seconds later I pick up the rosé-metallic shade 408 Galaxy Rose together with the rosé-glitter lacquer 921 Cosmo Rose so I just could not hold on !!

    So nice colors together!

    The glitter on the nails is much, much nicer in reality than in the picture, like a thousand times nicer, but the pink glitter together with this metallic rosé color is really the finest combo !!

    And now that I do not have acrylic on the nails and the fact that they are very short, ordinary nail polish is scraped off the edges extremely quickly, but glitter fits much better so it is also a plus!

    In other words, the only negative is that it is hard to remove BUT this is so nice so I do not want to remove it haha. And glitter tricks the eye a bit too, so if you just top up without redoing from the beginning, it does not look strange either, even if it is actually uneven. So the pros outweigh the cons;)

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    I would have liked a little more glitter compared to transparent lacquer. You get quite a lot of varnish if you want a lot of glitter, which makes the drying time very long. But it is not a deal breaker and apart from that, both nail polishes get a full pot!

    I will probably only have these nails until 2019, it feels like right now, love, love, love! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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