Rose series Body oil with Sea buckthorn

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    I am starting to like different oils more and more, partly it is effective and caring for the skin, but it also feels so natural and luxurious!

    So now I thought I would recommend a body oil from The rose series, same brand as deodorants I wrote about a while ago. It is Nordic Ecolabelled and organically certified and contains, among other things, sea buckthorn which is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, and contains omega 3, 6, 7 and 9.

    The entire table of contents can be understood which one you like - Thistle oil, omega 3 fatty acids, sea buckthorn oil, rose oil, plant perfume, vitamin E, carrot extract.

    The oil is mainly used as a body oil to care for and moisturize the skin, but can also be used on the face, as an intimate oil, massage oil and as a cure for cellulite. It also has a new scent, I do not know what it smelled before but now it has a new fresh scent of cranberries!


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    Costs SEK 380 for 100 ml.

    I like this oil! It feels very light, and as long as you do not take too much, it goes quickly into the skin without smudges. However, I applied a little too much the first time, and then I had slippery legs for a while, but it does not take much care not to take too much either, I mostly just wanted to try :)

    The scent is mild and discreet, but good! It smells fresh and very natural, and in a strong way in some way, which I like.

    The bottle is a spray, which I personally do not prefer when it comes to oil, although it is good if you do not want to take too much because the oil is very easily dosed with spray.

    But if you spray close to the skin, everything comes in the same place and then the spray function is completely unnecessary, and if you have a distance from the skin, it comes on the side of the body and ends up on the floor and you do not want that either. In addition, it is difficult if you have lubricated yourself and want more, then you slide with your fingers on the pump hehe. Then it would have been easier with a cork that you just opened and could pour out the oil instead. But it's probably a matter of taste, and a matter of habit!



    The oil has also become "Best in test" of body oils in Amelia June 2010 and Tara August 2010, so it's not just me who likes it!

    Any of you who have tested? Or do you get sucked in? :)

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