This is how you get long eyelashes!

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    This eyelash nourishment thing is pretty individual. Some brands work great for some, while another brand works better for others.

    The fringe industry that has worked best for me is Revitalash!


    (There has been a lot of writing that eyelash diets contain unsuitable ingredients, I have written one more in-depth posts about this before. But Revitalash in particular does not contain any substance that has been tested on animals!)


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    I have stopped using Revitalash now, due to an empty wallet, so my eyelashes are currently their natural length. Somehow it still feels like they never got really as short as they have been!

    Look before and after the pictures on my eyelashes, Revitalash - the girl's best friend !!!


    In the after-image, the lashes only go up to the eyebrow, and I do not even have mascara!


    07_TOL ~ 1

    I can wish for a new Revitalash of the Easter bunny;)

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    Helena Amiley
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