Scrambled eggs as in hotel (Recipe)

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    Today it was scrambled eggs like in a hotel but a little more luxurious for lunch! This must be the tastiest scrambled egg I've ever eaten. Absolutely incredible, speechless! Also offers a scrambled egg recipe! :)

    I work at home in front of the computer all day on Saturday because I have so much to do. So just roll up your sleeves!

    Do you know what is important then? To luxury to it, just about everything haha! We are talking vitamin C in champagne glasses, music, lit candles and extra good food.

    I kind of ate not just scrambled eggs for lunch, but the scrambled eggs scrambled eggs! Miska is not only the world's best boyfriend, he's the world's best chef too, look:

    Scrambled eggs as in hotel but at home Recipes

    How to make egg yolk?

    Missed recipe for luxury scrambled eggs:

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    A creamy and good scrambled egg, which tastes like in a hotel but more luxurious! In other words, the perfect scrambled eggs! It is possible to add cheese even before frying if you have a few small pieces left from e.g. household cheese.

    • 6 eggs (our own free range hens)
    • 1 dl cream (Arla organic whipped cream)
    • Salt & pepper
    • Butter for frying

    Topping for scrambled eggs:

    • Chopped fresh chives
    • Grated Västerbotten cheese or priest cheese
    • Coarsely ground black pepper and flake salt
    1. Crack the eggs and beat together with cream and salt & pepper until everything is mixed.
    2. Heat the frying pan and let the butter melt, add the whole mixture.
    3. Pull the spatula along the bottom of the frying pan to stir the scrambled eggs and fry it evenly.
    4. It is ready after thought, some want the slightly creamier scrambled eggs while others prefer a little more fried.
    5. Scoop up the plate and top with chopped chives, grated Västerbotten cheese, parmesan or parmesan cheese and finish by taking a few turns with a pepper mill and a pinch of flake salt.


    Scrambled eggs with milk, yoghurt, cream or creme fraiche?

    Miska makes its scrambled eggs with cream but says that it is possible to exchange without it for creme fraiche, milk, yoghurt or vegan alternatives as well. Milk may make the scrambled eggs a little lighter as it has a lower fat content.

    But cream will probably be tastiest and it then also works for those who eat lchf. You can certainly use other things too, just to try!

    I have not eaten meat for several years and try to reduce the amount of dairy products. For example. I have replaced the breakfast butter with a milk-free one. And then we have eggs from our own very prosperous hens. Then we treat ourselves to some cream and cheese with a clear conscience;)

    Can you make scrambled eggs in a microwave or oven?

    It is possible to make the scrambled eggs in microns if you do not have access to a frying pan. Then you just grease a bowl that can withstand micro with butter or oil and add the egg batter in it. Run in microns at 30 second intervals and stir until you reach the desired consistency.

    You can also make scrambled eggs in the oven, 175 degrees and stir between rounds until it is done. You probably make the fastest scrambled eggs with a frying pan, but you take what you have :)

    Scrambled eggs on eggs of own free-range hens

    Solveig greets you all! :) She is so named because she is so sunny in color.

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    Behind you can see Ludmilla, Anton, Grållan and Lily ♥ We have 11 in total. Most of them stayed inside now because it was raining a little outside. But they have a huge (!) Chicken farm outside that they hang around all day.

    We let them completely loose in the garden when the weather is nice, but right now there is an outbreak of bird flu so then you have to have them fenced in full time. But it does not do much because they have the big chicken farm :)

    Do you know what's nice about scrambled eggs from your own hens? It turns so yellow! I have heard that eggs from hens that are well are more yellow in color, that seems to be true in our case anyway.

    Back to work!

    Now I've been chatting here long enough. I will work a few more hours, then take another glass of vitamin C and lie down in the spa! As I said, you have to have the luxury of just about everything haha.

    I clicked home Vitamin C. Life Immune Support Noise because I really do not have time to get sick now. And I was completely unreasonably happy when I drank it for the first time and saw that the whole glass was colored dark pink !! It's crazy good too. Tips for everyone who is a color lover like me haha;) Note not sponsored in any way, just pure tips.

    Hope you have use of Miska's scrambled eggs recipe :) Hugs to you! ♥

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