Sensitive skin and acne

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    I had quite a lot of problems with acne in my teens, but there is not a single picture of it because there was not a chance that I would stand up in front of the camera without a thick layer of foundation.

    Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and give myself some skin care tips, or at least generally explain how the skin works. That toothpaste, disinfectant and hard scrubbing is not something that removes pimples. I think about this not least now that I have gotten a lot of blemishes after threading my face, because it has given me a little awakening!

    What I am thinking of is that you get pimples due to an inflammation in the sebaceous glands, and the most common cause is excessive sebum production which causes the sebum to clog the pores. But from experience I can also add that acne is partly due to the skin being sensitive, because when you thread it has nothing to do with sebum or oily skin, but most people who get a rash from threading have sensitive skin, and many have not had a even pimple throughout his life.

    I have both acne-prone and sensitive skin, and after testing a lot in my days, gentle and soothing skin care is what works best. The latter is my very best skin care tip for those of you who recognize yourself in this soothing skin care.

    All skin types need lots of moisture, and a sensitive skin probably gets (in my experience) acne because it is irritated and not because it is oily.

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    I have had rashes like this after threading twice now, and have tested both the most moisturizing products and those that are more for acne. But what works best are products that soothe irritated skin, I have woken up at night from lying and scratching my face in sleep because it is so irritated, and these products have been the savior in need for me:


    Face Mask - Sanctum Hydrating Gel Mask:
    As soon as I put on this mask, I feel how calm the skin becomes. It is so cooling and comfortable against the skin. The gel goes into the skin and when it has dried, I usually apply more, just because it is wonderful. The mask is both moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory.

    Contains among other things:
    Aloe vera - Anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing and strengthening.
    Vitamin E - Promotes cell renewal and skin elasticity. Antioxidants and moisturizing properties help reduce the signs of premature aging.
    Cucumber extract Calms and cools and has easy astringent properties. Moisturizes and softens the skin.


    This is what the face mask looks like! Becomes transparent in the face.

    Day cream - Sanctum Moisture Balance (Oil Free):
    In my daily skin care routine, I do not usually use this cream, even though it is the one that is adapted for oily skin. My skin needs oil and that kind of emollient ingredients to not feel tight, as long as it is oils that go into the skin quickly and do not lie as a layer on the surface, this does not make me more oily during the day. On the other hand, this face cream is very nice when you have a lot of acne, because it is a gel that is specially developed to soothe stressed and sensitive skin.

    Contains among other things:
    Aloe vera - Anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing and strengthening.
    Rosenvatten - Helps the skin's healing process and evens out skin tone
    Oak bark extract - Balances and soothes sensitive skin


    Soothing spot treatment - Sanctum On The Spot:
    I have several customers who regularly buy this cream which is absolutely incomparably good for acne and that type of irritated blemishes, and I myself am completely saved! Pimples need soothing creams, that's what my whole post is about, and this is calm in a tube, you could almost say. Irritated blemishes calm down within a few minutes, and as soon as I lubricate my pimples with this, it stops feeling irritated after 5-10 seconds.

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    The pimples "mature" and disappear faster, and above all you avoid the annoying feeling that the pimples create.

    Contains among other things:
    Tea tree oil -  Soothing, antibacterial with wrapped healing properties.
    Vitamin E - Promotes cell renewal and skin elasticity. Antioxidants and moisturizing properties help reduce the signs of premature aging.
    Licorice Extract - Anti-inflammatory and healing properties.


    Apply On The Spot directly on the pimple, or in my case on the entire irritated area that is full of pimples.

    As I said, this with pimples can be due to sensitive skin and that you should focus as much as possible on soothing products, it is more an experience than science on my part. But I'm starting to think more and more that all these strong acne skin products may not be the right way to go for everyone, and even though I'm not a dermatologist, I think it might be worth thinking about for those of you who are also prone to acne. hy just like me :)

    What do you think?

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I agree with you and think exactly the same! These "acne products" that contain a lot of alcohols usually make it worse for me when I get small pimples here and there. Better to calm down, moisturize and focus on more natural substance, it usually helps me! Hug fine you.

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