Shading, highlighter & red

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    Shading, highlighter and blush are make-up details that in my opinion are important if you apply a comprehensive base. It's not important to use all three, but doing at least one of them makes an extremely big difference! You immediately get more shape and life in the face.

    I feel a little shitty now when I tell you what inspired me to write this post, but it is still relevant for you to understand the importance of this :) It was namely "knotmasso" yesterday where I live, a tradition that involves that everyone dresses up and walks like a carnival along a long street. Then I saw a person who I thought was wearing a mask, not because the person was ugly at all in any way but just because the face had such an even and flat skin tone, until the mouth started to move and I realized that the person was just dressed with their clothes.

    This is the effect you get a little, a comprehensive base over the whole face and nothing more becomes a bit like a mask! You become completely flat and lifeless as well. Now I was a bit fooled by the event itself as well, I would not have thought that the person would have a mask if we were seen on a normal day in the grocery store haha.

    Anyway :)

    Therefore, I now thought to show you before and after pictures with shading highlighter and blush, and also show how I usually do!

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    Difference huh? :)

    Shading is a shadow that is a shade darker than your skin tone, and is applied in the deep parts of the face.
    Highlighter is a shade that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, and is applied to the high / protruding parts of the face.
    Rouge is a colored shadow that gives more life to the face.

    But instead of writing a long text that you may not be able to read, I thought I would show as clearly as I can with pictures:


    I apply highlighter with a small and soft, fluffy brush, because I use it on quite small areas.

    I prefer a matte highlighter to a shimmery one, because then you can apply as much as you want without it looking kinky. If you want shimmer / glow in the skin, it is possible to supplement with it at the end.

    I have a light concealer as a highlighter in the picture, but another good tip for people with light skin it is Paeses two light cashmere shadows that work super well as highlighters!


    I apply the shading with a larger fluffy brush, and I actually use the same for the blush. Both the brushes I have shown now come from this brush set!

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    I usually use sun powder as shading, but prefer a cooler tone than one that is too warm, because all natural shades are cold. A shade that is too warm can look unnatural.


    Here you see how I usually apply all products!

    I like to get as sharp and clear a chin as possible, a tip then is not to apply the shading on the jawbones, because it can make them look more round. Instead, I apply just below them on the neck and on the underside of the chin.

    And this is how everyone gets together:



    And as I said, you absolutely do not need to use all three ways, but just blush or just shading goes super well too :) But it obviously gives more effect with both shading, highlighter and blush at the same time.

    Hope you understood everything and that the post was helpful!

    Hugs are!
    (There will be a post with my whole base step by step on in a few days)

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