Shading & highlighter vs a sunkissed look

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    Ellenor sa…
    "But the bronze powder, you don't usually put it on your nose and chin…?
    When it says sun-kissed look, then it clashes with the highlighter…
    Gets a little confused but maybe you should separate these two "bases" with each other…? "

    I also went crazy over that before, did not understand the logic at all. When you apply shading, you apply the dark powder in the deep parts of the face, but when you only talk about sun powder, you apply the exact opposite. Whats up with that? :)

    To shape the face so that it does not look as flat, you apply a darker shade than the skin tone in the deep parts of the face, such as the temples and under the cheekbone. And then a lighter shade than the skin tone on the protruding parts such as in the middle of the nose, chin and in the middle of the cheekbones.

    But for a sun-kissed look, it is often said that you should apply sun powder in the places where the sun hits first - which are the protruding parts that you otherwise put highlighter on.

    I usually never do that, because it gives the illusion of a flatter face. But if you want the sun-kissed look, I think it's best to sun powder your cheeks, in the middle of the forehead and chin, but still highlight in the middle of the nose and right on top of the cheekbones so that you get a little more shape in any case.

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    Then you can turn the roast too - when you have sunbathed, the color disappears most quickly on the more protruding parts of the face, and then suddenly the sun powder matches the shading and highlight. The question is simply whether you want to look freshly tanned or just generally more tanned;)

    sunkissed look shading and highlighter

    Hope you got a little wiser!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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