Shape your face!

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    Once you have laid your foundation, the whole face looks quite flat, dull and unnatural.

    That is why they use so-called shading and highlight to create natural shadows.

    You can also do this to reshape your face, for example make your nose look narrower!

    Shading is a darker shade than the skin tone.
    Highlighter is a lighter shade than the skin tone.

    Apply shading to the places where the face shape goes inwards, for example under the cheekbones and in the temples.

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    Put highlighter on the places where the face shape protrudes, such as the nose bone, chin, cheeks.


    Do you want one…
    Smaller nose - Apply shading to the sides of the nose, and a highlighter along the nasal bone.
    Shorter nose - Apply shading to the tip of the nose.
    Narrower face shape Apply shading under the jawbones, under the cheekbones, on the sides of the chin and in the temples.
    Larger pan - Put a lot of highlighter in the middle of the forehead.
    Smaller forehead - Apply shading on the side of the forehead and at the hairline.
    Marked chin - Apply shading to the sides of the chin, and highlight in the middle of the chin.

    And so on!

    This is what I usually do:


    Without shading and highlight - with shading and highlight


    I use a sun powder for shading, and a light eye shadow as a highlighter.

    Rouge is to give color to the face so that you look more "alive", this I put on the cheekbones (not below). You can also wrap a little blush with a large soft brush over forehead, nose, chin to get even more color.

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    There should only be one hint to shading and highlighter, otherwise it has no effect but just looks unnatural.

    I have seen people who get a "cat nose" because they have tried to make their nose shorter with shading, or large white spots under the eyes to get fluffy apple cheeks with highlighter.

    Just add a little, and blur a lot so that it does not get sharp!


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