Sheer Cover Lash Extending Fibers

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    I became so extremely curious when I opened Sheer Cover's new "Lash Extending Fibers" - which I thought would be a primer with fibers in which you apply before the mascara. (Had not read so very carefully)

    That was it only fibers! It looks like a mascara brush full of fluff :)

    The Fiberwig mascara became very popular, and I guess this is the same kind of fiber, although they are next to the mascara instead of inside.

    The fibers build up the volume and length of the eyelashes, so that they become long and full.

    Apply mascara as usual.
    2. Apply the fibers.
    3. Apply another layer of mascara. 

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    Probably they became long everything :)

    However, you have to be a little careful when applying the fibers so that it does not become too much! The pictures were taken the first time I tested the products, and I thought it then became a little too much fiber, it spreads out a bit as well.

    Unfortunately I did not take photos with just the mascara before I put on the fibers so that you can see the difference, you have to be a little fast so that the mascara does not dry out. No photo breaks. But if I'm not going away one day, I will try to show with fibers on one eye and on the other!

    The fibers cost SEK 109!
    The mascara is also from Sheer Cover, costs SEK 149.

    You will probably see more of this product in the blog!

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