Simple make-up with few products (With products from Pixi)

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    Here is a simple make-up with few products both pictures and video! The video is short (3 minutes) but shows all products from base to eyes and lips :)

    The makeup is neutral and simple wherever you are (except brushes and mascara) only needs 5 products and all are from the brand Pixi ♥

    • Foundation
    • Concealer
    • Colored lip balm for both lips and blush!
    • Brow pen + gel in the same
    • Waterproof eyeliner as eye shadow + along the waterline

    I who have oily skin have also added eye primer and a little powder on the eyelids before I put on the eyeliner. But if you do not get oily eyelids during the day, you do not need to use it, then the makeup lasts from morning to evening anyway :)

    Look in the best quality! Gear - Quality - 1080p

    Product list:


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    Foundation - Pixi H2O Skintint (3 Warm)
    Concealer - Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base (1 Cream)
    Blush & lips - Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm (Ripe Raspberry)
    Brow pen + gel - Pixi Natural Brow Duo (Natural brown)

    Eye Primer - Pixi Eye Bright Primer
    Kajalpenna - Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen (Rose Glow)


    Brushes 1 (foundation) – Nanshy Conceal Perfector
    Brushes 2 (small, blurry eyeliner) – Nanshy Pencil brush
    Brush 3 (medium, soft fade)Nanshy Tapered Crease brush
    Mascara - Santhilea Magnetic Lash Mascara

    pixi products

    You do not have to have powder over this base if you prefer without, because the foundation is a gel that lasts very well without being fixed with powder. The concealer also lasts well without powder, provided you apply thin layers :)

    However, I powdered myself after I filmed and finished taking photos, but that's because I have such oily skin so I get super shiny right away otherwise!

    simple make-up with few products

    The color and finish of this eyeliner is SO nice !!!

    simple makeup with few products tutorial

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    Tutorial simple make-up with few products:

    1. Kajalpenna along the entire lash line
    2. Fade with a small and compact brush (quickly before the pen dries)
      (do this several times until you have built up color on the entire eyelid)
    3. Soften the fade easily with a slightly larger brush. Dab the brush a little against the eyeliner to get some pigment, then swipe with the brush at the edge to create a soft fade.
    4. Eyeliner along the waterline and under the eye
    5. Fade with the small brush
    6. Black mascara on all lashes


    pixi lip balm simple make-up with few products step by step light make-up

    Hope you were inspired and that the tips were helpful ♥

    Hug hug! :)


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    1. Fun with a make-up with Rose Glow! It is one of my definite "go-to" in terms of eyeliner (always have a backup of it in the closet) so fun to find more tricks to use it for :) very nice.

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