Self-taught makeup artist or makeup training?

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    I am in many beauty groups on Facebook and the other day there was an interesting discussion in the comments field when a girl asked what people thought about becoming a self-taught makeup artist or makeup training.

    There were incredibly mixed opinions, but few answers that helped the girl who asked as most of the respondents had been educated and actually had no experience of being self-taught.

    Since I myself go under the term "self-taught makeup artist", I therefore thought to write a post about it because the interest seems great! :)

    self-taught makeup artist or makeup training

    What is a self-taught makeup artist - really?

    In the thread about this, I read many comments in the style of "you can work with making up people but you can not call yourself a makeup artist if you do not have an education".

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    My opinion is:

    1. To call yourself a makeup artist, it is required that you have the knowledge that a makeup artist needs. It is not enough to be able to do a nice make-up on yourself and your best friend, but you need to know different skin types, color theory, techniques, different types of make-up, different products and tools etc. And it is not enough to possess the knowledge but you must be able to perform this on different people as well - regardless of who ends up in the make-up chair and what wishes that particular person has. It is plenty (!) one must know both theoretically and practically.

    2. If you have learned all of the above, I think you have an education regardless of whether you are self-taught or if you paid SEK 70,000 to get a teacher, the only difference is from where you have received the information.

    In my opinion, then all self-taught makeup artists also trained provided they meet the criteria to call themselves a makeup artist! Then I agree 100% that you can not call yourself a makeup artist if you are pissed off, but it applies to both educated and self-taught. Some educations have strict knowledge requirements to be certified, while others "sell diplomas".

    3. If anything, I think all makeup artists are self-taught! Of course you need all the information and knowledge, but in the end it is practice, practice, practice that decides whether you become good or not. Experience and burning interest weigh the most!

    Benefits of makeup training

    With that said, it's not necessarily the case that I advocate becoming a self-taught makeup artist. For me, it suited me well when I started already in high school, so when I took the student I already knew so much that I got a job anyway - then it felt superfluous to spend as much time and money as it takes to go to a proper education. I absolutely did not have that finances!

    But there are three really strong benefits to education:

    1. Products and materials are included in the price. It's not free to be self-taught either, because you need to buy all the products and tools yourself - and we all know that it's not free.

    2. It's faster! Getting direct feedback from a teacher and discussing with other students makes you become good much faster. In addition, it is very time consuming to search for all this information yourself, in an education you get it served on a silver platter.

    If you want to work in TV, theater, etc., it is probably smarter with an education. There you learn make-up for different lighting, older people, masking such as latex and fake blood etc. I can not do that :) but I do not need it either as I work with salons, private individuals, product sales and the photography and film jobs I do are common beauty makeup.

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    Prejudices against self-taught makeup artists

    I can not comment on what it is like to go to an education because I have not done so, but I have quite a lot of insight into it anyway because I have had many trainees and colleagues who are educated and been a substitute in a makeup education and saw those students (who were almost fully trained) and what level their knowledge was at.

    In other words: I probably have more insight into what it is like to be a trained makeup artist, than what a trained makeup artist has insight into what it is like to be a self-taught makeup artist.

    There are many prejudices about what a self-taught makeup artist is. That there is someone who "likes make-up and has watched a lot of Youtube". On the contrary, I myself would have trusted more in a person who is self-taught - if it is good - because then you have really struggled! Becoming a self-taught makeup artist is not the easy way out.

    To be completely honest, I think that a large part of the prejudices are based on the fact that it catches the eye of people who have completed an education and then people without education appear who compete. Of course it's not fun :)

    Benefits of being a self-taught makeup artist

    But becoming self-taught is not just disadvantages either. I am very happy that I am self-taught!

    1. This does not apply to everyone educated of course but I have often noticed that I have a more open mind when it comes to makeup and rules. It becomes easy to do and think "as your teacher showed" instead of thinking for yourself. A bit like in real life - there is a difference between being "street smart" and being "book smart".

    2. You become incredibly good at problem solving. When you are not allowed to learn "correctly" directly but come to things yourself, you will find your own tricks and tips. When I do make-up consultations (which are very much appreciated), there are some tips I give out that I have not heard anyone else say, but they are completely my own.

    3. When you are your own teacher, you know that you have a good teacher. Lol. Misunderstand me right - but there are different educations and some teachers are GREAT so worth gold! But there are also those who teach 80s rules such as "synthetic to cloth", ie that you have brushes with real hair for dry powder products and synthetic brushes for cream products. Yes, of course it used to be when all synthetic brushes were like small paintbrushes, but now synthetic brushes work for everything! It is a water divider but in my opinion there is no reason ever to use brushes with real hair.

    What is best?

    What is best? To be a self-taught makeup artist or a trained makeup artist?

    That said, a makeup artist is a makeup artist (in my opinion) no matter how you get there. It is not the journey that is the point but the goal.

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    What is better or worse is 100% individually. You have to weigh the pros and cons and look at your own life situation, conditions and personality! Being self-taught is certainly not for everyone, it requires self-discipline and geekiness, but if it works best for you so it's the right way to go.

    Market needs

    I actually see a need for simpler makeup training on the market. I am really eager to do a well-crafted web training - a makeup training at a distance for future makeup artists!

    Why? Because I see a big gap today between 1. really sharp makeup artists who know everything from crazy fashion make-up to masking and special effects. Or 2. semi-interested people who have gotten jobs at various store chains and who regularly sell foundations with the wrong color.

    Where is everyone in between? We need talented makeup artists who want to work in a make-up shop, beauty salon, sales, own company, freelance, weddings and other parties! Those who do not spend 70,000 on a makeup education that takes a whole year, but who still need a large part of that knowledge.

    Giving product advice to 20 people a day is not easy without knowledge, I can promise you :) Just choosing a suitable face primer requires several follow-up questions about skin type, wishes for results, which products to use over, etc.

    Web training on g?

    Oh, how I longed to do a really well-crafted makeup education online now! One that is perfect for all "in-between people" haha! Keep an eye out because I'm in a spicy period in life now I might start that project faster than you think haha;)

    Update: You can find my education at Helena Amiley - Academy of Makeup

    self-taught makeup artist vs trained makeup artist

    If you have your own experiences in the subject, it would be very interesting to take part in! :)

    Hug! ♥

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