Self-taught makeup artist

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    I got a comment the other day that I have so far answered that I take it in a post :)

    Anastasia sa…
    "Hello! First of all, you have a great entertaining makeup blog. Reads daily.

    But it's so - I, like you, am a self-taught makeup artist. Attended a course to learn about allergies and the like for customers, also has contact with trained makeup artists such as. Marie Plosjö who I asked for advice. Read makeup books daily, youtube, blogs, etc.

    I always get good treatment from customers and other mua: s. My customers are always satisfied. I always say - Freelance makeup artist, and on all my pages it says that I am self-taught. But then there are some educated mua: s where I live, who love to whine about the fact that I am not educated. Have you felt about this and how have you answered / thought about it?

    I think a lot of their jealousy / complaining is because I book a lot of jobs. I told these people “I have every right to work as a makeup artist, as long as I do not claim to be educated. There are many of the world's greatest mua: s who are not educated, you would never say this to these ”.

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    Do you think it's fun how you show that you do not always have to have an education to do something.


    God, how sad that you got to take such shit :(

    I personally am very happy that I am self-taught. You do not get caught up in the way of thinking that teachers have, but form your own opinion. I have learned a technique that suits me best, been forced to find my own problem solutions and learned from my mistakes over the years. For me, self-learning is the best education! :)

    At home in my little carbon black room (!) I could sit for hours experimenting, and never had to be ashamed of the bad (or good) result, because it was still just me who saw.

    It's a shame that people do not consider themselves a makeup artist just because they have not attended an education. I have not dared to call myself a makeup artist until quite recently - because of this with the education. But now it feels natural to me and it's really nice!

    When it comes to such creative jobs, there is nothing that says that an educated person is better / worse than a self-taught. That point is very logical to me, and I really do not understand why it is not so logical for everyone.

    You definitely learn a lot in makeup training, but as you say, all info is basically on social media! I have been very eager to take a hair stylist training, but at the same time it feels so unnecessary because there is so much to learn online already. We live in modern times. I think there will be plenty of self-taught makeup artists in a few years, in other professions too! :)

    The most important thing (in my opinion) to become a good makeup artist is to have so much interest that you actually take your thumb out of your ass and practice, practice, practice. And this also applies when you go to an education!

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    Having an education does not actually mean that you are good;) For some it is better with an education, while I and many others prefer to sit at home in front of the mirror and the computer. and so it simply looks.

    I have not actually met any trained makeup artists who have been negative towards me, not as I said anything to my face in any case. It may feel difficult for them that they themselves have spent so much money, while we have avoided that expense. But time is also money, and since we probably spent more time practicing and learning via the internet, maybe we are equal on that point as well :)

    Hope you avoid people who have negative opinions about you and your job in the future.

    YOU GO GIRL! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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