Avoid sun eczema on your trip abroad!

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I have never been abroad without being exposed to the sun, not even the trip where we had overcast weather all week! So I was a little worried about Cape Verde, it is the warmest country we went to and also we were away for 2 weeks which I have only been once before.

But you know what, I have escaped the rash completely! :)

I have been careful with three things that I think have contributed to my escaping the rash and these are the following:

1. High sun protection factor
This is the most important point. The first time I was abroad (with nice weather) I burned myself, I was young and even though people told me that the sun is not as strong in Sweden, I could not imagine that it was so strong. I had spf but it was very low.

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It resulted in great sun eczema on my whole body, I got up at night when I could not sleep and showered in cold water because it was the only thing that relieved the itching. It was nicer to freeze than to scratch. But on this trip I have used spf 30 and 50 on different parts of the body and not burned myself at all!

2. Solvitaminer
I have also prepared the skin by eating Yves Rocher Sun Vitamins before the trip. The tablets prepare the skin for the sun with the help of beta-carotene (Vitamin A), the antioxidants Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium, copper, and oil from nightshade flower and black currant.

3. Bathe a lot
I experience that I have had fewer rashes the trips where I have bathed more and cooled the skin, it gets so extremely hot when you are in the sun all day! This trip I have bathed in the sea so many times every day that it is impossible to count, and very often I have swum around for quite some time so that the skin really has time to cool down before I get up again.

It is difficult to say how much the different points have played a role, high SPF is without a doubt the most important thing, but how my skin would have reacted without the sun vitamins and a lot of bathing is hard to know. But I absolutely believe that all three points have helped so that I have finally been bran-free! :)

The sun vitamins are available for purchase here at Yvesrocher.se!

The package costs SEK 159 and contains 30 tablets, and you should eat two a day. The tablets are quite large but they are soft (can be compressed so they become flat) plus slippery so they are very easy to swallow, they just slide down without it feeling the slightest bit!

What the tablets do is:
* Protects against the oxidative stress that the sun exposes the skin to
* Prepares the skin with beta-carotene which affects the pigmentation
* Counteracts signs of aging
* Extends the tan
* Moisturizes the skin 

Hugs are!

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