SM and makeup 2013

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    I can admit that I am not the best photographer, especially not in "stressful" contexts where one second you have a perfect photo chance, but the second after the person moves or someone else gets in the way.

    About 75% of my pictures from the Swedish Championships are blurred and generally bad, haha. I just trust my system camera and pepper photos like the worst paparazzi!

    But here comes at least a decent picture bomb á la Helena from last Saturday, when I was in place to witness the Swedish Championships in makeup! Unfortunately I do not have good pictures of all models as it was very crowded and I could not see all from my place.

    But it was so fun to see everyone's make - up and how they interpreted the theme. Extra fun to Annika Söderlund from Creative Make Up competed, she was of course cheered on a little extra even before the competition :)

    This year's theme was “Call me Cupcake ”!

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    Preparation, Annika and her model. The picture was taken about 5 minutes before the competition started.

    All makeup artists have 30 minutes to put on make-up. Before, it has prepared hair and clothing.

    The incredibly good-looking and sweet frill that Annika's model has stands for the talented Jennie Ifren! Jennie works as a hairdresser Creative Zone in Uppsala.

    Now the competition is on!

    Thumbs up got this makeup artist who won the Swedish Championships 8 out of 10 times in previous years.

    A quarter left…

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    Also liked this nice make-up by Elisabeth Ahlén, also from Uppsala.

    Only a few minutes left now. This look was a natural make-up with sprinkles on the lips.

    It works!

    This one was really cute too!

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    I like this picture, it was taken just when they called out "two seconds left !!”In the speaker :)

    Do you see how bad light it was by the way? Purple headlights in all their glory, but I do not think the organizers thought properly when they put it up at a make-up contest.

    Annika said that it was at least better than previous years, one of the times it has been so dark that she did not see where in the face she had laid base and not! I had gone crazy :)

    After 30 minutes, they had a while to fix to the last with hair and clothes if needed. The atmosphere was great, finally clear but nervous before the jury's assessment!

    All the girls took a few laps of the escalator to show off. The competition itself was held in the Skrapan shopping center in Stockholm, previously the competitions were held in Älvsjömässan, where they have a proper stage to show off.

    I must, without being biased, say that Annika's make-up was clearly the best in my opinion.

    There were several that I liked, but it's a bit like when you bake for real - a pastry can easily become for sweet so that it instead becomes quite "slippery" and I got a bit of that feeling from many contributions. And even though many are so extremely good, I was a little shocked by the quality of some looks that I did not really think kept the standard.

    Annika's contribution made you really want to bake! I see a sugary mom in front of me baking good cakes all day. A classic make-up with a little topping I would say :)

    And the Swedish Championship gold went to Annika Söderlund !!!! :)

    Motivation of the jury:
    “A fantastic combination with the best of a 50's pinup and a contemporary cupcake. Professionally made with a balance that shows great technical knowledge. ”

    It is thus Annika Söderlund who goes on to represent Sweden in "International Makeup Championship”In Düsseldorf 2014!

    So cool!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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