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    When I started blogging on Finest, they did a little interview with me, you who already read my blog may not think it is that interesting (?) But I thought to publish the answers in a blog post if you want to read! :)


    Hi Helena! Welcome to Finest! You recently moved your incredibly inspiring beauty blog here? What made you start it from the beginning? 
    - Hi and thank you please! I started blogging in 2009 and then I just wrote about my everyday life, I blogged for fun and never thought about getting a lot of readers. Then the blog became more and more makeup-oriented as my interest in makeup increased. Makeup has always been my hobby, so it seemed natural to write about beauty in my everyday blog because it was a big part of my everyday life. Then the readers fell in and now I blog full time and run my own webshop!
    One of my first headers after my makeup blog became a makeup blog. literally; )
    You are a self-taught makeup artist and a very good one, where do you find the inspiration?
    - I get the biggest inspiration from my products! I always mess up when I put on make-up, take out everything and look at all the nice colors that are in front of me on the table. I often test different color combinations on my hands before I start on my face and nothing inspires me so much as trying a new product for the first time!
    What do you think is the biggest "makeup crime" you can commit?
    - ADo not use eyeshadow primer, it is a product that many skip. If you have good make-up products, you can definitely get a nice make-up without primer, but most of us get very oily eyelids during the day and then the fine make-up does not last for many hours if you do not use primer, and that's a shame!
    It's autumn and many people feel tired, what are your best beauty tips against fatigue?
    - Store your eye cream in the refrigerator, if the cream is cold, the bags will be dampened under the eyes in the morning as the cold causes the swelling to settle faster. If you have dark circles under the eyes, choose a concealer in a thin cream form or in powder form, because a thick concealer can become cakey on the thin skin around the eyes. If you are also blue under the eyes, I recommend a concealer that is a little yellow / orange. Then apply all dark makeup (mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow) only on the top of the eye to lift the eye more, lighten the corner of the eye and the waterline for a more vibrant and open look, and finish with a happy color on the lips that enliven!
    If you are too tired to put on make-up, buy a pair of nice fake glasses and a colored lip balm and you will always look good! Or tattoo in makeup like I did, it works too.
    How important is training in the makeup artist profession and how has it affected you?
    Regardless of whether you are self-taught or studying at a school, the exercise is still the most important thing to become good, you have to practice, practice, practice and everything else you need to know is already read about on the internet, so in my opinion it is absolutely not important to educate but of course it makes it easier! I am personally happy to be self-taught, and find that I often have a more relaxed attitude to makeup than many educated people who have learned from what their teachers have thought is right or wrong. But I have become very good thanks to the blog as well, I am "forced" to try new make-up all the time, which of course makes me develop. On the job front, I have never noticed any problems with the fact that I lack education, I have my blog as a CV!
    What's the most fun job you've done?
    - This is probably the most difficult question actually, I work mostly with photography and there are many fun to choose from! But one of the most fun is a job I did for Forumgallerian in Uppsala exactly one year ago, it was a shoot in connection with Uppsala Fashion Weekend where the pictures were used as facade pictures on the mall's wall facing the pedestrian street. It was such a wonderful atmosphere all day and these are the kind of jobs I like most, wonderful, happy people to work with! The pictures are still up and it's so cool to see their makeupgoes into great pressure in a place where hundreds of people pass by every day.
    Offers little behind the scenes photos!
    Malin gets an intense, dark brown sooting.
    2. I fix the nails on Niklas who might have his hands by his face on a close-up.
    3.  Tove Castor styled outfits.
    4. Malin next to her picture on the Forum Gallery's wall!
    Here is one of the finished pictures:

    You succeed with very good pictures of your make-up, what to think about to get the perfect one the picture, how do you do?
    - I am absolutely not a photography professional but have my white wall, my system camera with self-timer and daylight from the window in front of me, then I take test photos, change some settings, test photos, change settings, etc. until it gets good. A tip is to place a mirror behind the camera, then you have an idea of what you look like. I take over a hundred pictures of each make-up to get the few pictures I publish, so it is quite time consuming.
    And now finally, what makes your blog unique compared to other beauty blogs?
    - It's a little difficult to compare with others, but jag tries to make it easier for my readers as much as possible so that with the help of my make-up and tips they will become good yourself! I'm trying to be pedagogical, responds to comments and tries to help as best I can. Jag is not only passionate about makeup, but also about helping people!
    Hug hug!
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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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