Split Ender Pro - for worn hair and split ends

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    Here is a review of Split Ender Pro which is a device for worn hair and split ends. It is so cool!

    Sometimes you sit in such a perfect light that you see how many split ends you have. Then I just have to pick up the scissors and then I sit and cut. Very inefficient;)

    The problem with worn hair is that it is not only at the bottom that you have worn and split ends. I have lots of straws that are shorter than that and therefore not cut even if I were to cut several centimeters.

    Here is the solution! :)

    Split Ender Pro - Review

    split ends pro review split hairs worn hair

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    Annika has bought this clever device hemmafrisoren.se and I borrowed it from her :)

    This includes:

    • Nicely quilted case
    • A wide-toothed comb
    • Adapter
    • 2 clamps
    • 2 different distances, 1/8 ″ and 1/4 ″. With these you can set how long part of the tops are to be cut.

    I have used the distance 1/4

    How can you just cut the ends of your hair all over your hair?

    just cut the ends of the hair throughout the hair

    I took this picture to demonstrate what is happening inside the electric scissors. Because it was not so easy to take pictures inside the device.

    The machine is like a pair of pliers, when the loop slides on top of the scales (as on my middle finger in this picture) the small hair ends protrude. This allows the machine to cut only the hair ends.

    This way you can top your hair without cutting a long piece! It results in a hair that is as long as before but all split ends are gone :)

    How to use Split Ender Pro?

    scissors that cut the hair ends machine

    1. Wash your hair

    2. Dry your hair or wait until it is completely dry. It should not be damp at all.

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    3. Brush your hair properly.

    4. Divide the hair. I put a soft tassel on my head and started with the under hair.

    set the direction of split ender pro

    5. Click on one of the arrows to select the direction. It's a matter of taste how you want to keep it, so you can choose :)

    how to use split ender pro, review

    6. Take a thin loop, squeeze and pull the machine down rather slowly. When you press, the machine automatically starts cutting. You notice it because it hums quite loud :)

    7. You should do three pulls per loop, if you have very worn hair, you can pull 4-5 times per loop.

    I myself divided the hair into very thin sections and pulled only 2 times, because I felt that it was enough for my hair. You should not work unnecessarily :)

    Does Split Ender Pro work?

    split ends and worn hair, worn lengths

    If it does! Split Ender Pro works SO well! Check all the tops that are stuck inside the container.

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    split ends in a pile


    It is best to empty the container after each use, mainly because it can leak hair. I had no problem with it when I cut myself, then I put it in my lap when I took out a new hair loop.

    But when I cut Miska's hair with this, I put the machine on the table next to it and then it leaked quite a lot.

    empty split ender pro

    It comes with a small brush so you can brush it clean on the inside :) You have to be a little careful and beware of the knives in there only.


    I checked my hair carefully afterwards and found no split ends at all! My review can really be abbreviated to "I love it!" Lol.

    You both saw and felt the difference in the hair as well. Miska sa ”did you get a haircut?"Although it was not shorter at all. I prayed ”how did you know?" Lol. It simply looked very tidy :)

    I have partly started to have a sloppy knot almost every day and (sort of) stopped using Hårologi's products, therefore my hair was unusually worn now. Otherwise I usually have good quality. Must buy new from Hårologi!

    Book Split Ender Pro at the salon

    Some hairdressers and salons have this machine and offer it as a treatment, which is great if you want to do this as a one-time thing!

    But if you do it regularly, I recommend buying the machine yourself. It is quite expensive (3699: - at the time of writing) but in the long run it is worth it. Even though it takes some use before it is nice "ppa / price per use" as the stylist Tove Castor would have said :)

    Because it takes some time to go through the whole hair, so if the hairdresser has a decent hourly wage (aka high hourly rate) it will cost a penny at a time. Of course, depending on how thick and long your hair is.

    get more well-groomed hair, get rid of worn hair, split ends

    In total: It takes some time to go through the whole hair properly and it costs a penny. But if you have worn hair and problems with split ends, it is definitely worth its weight in gold !!

    Highly recommend! :)

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