Stylist Training - Lesson 1

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    I have understood that there are several who want to know a little more about the stylist training that I go to, glad that you are interested!

    Because I have not had any pictures from the education, I have not blogged so much about it either. Does not carry the large system camera with me there.

    But now that the interest is there so I thought I would make a post for each lesson! We have already had 5 of 12 lessons, so I will publish those posts soon. Then there will be one post a week.

    Short facts: So I'm attending Helene Falk's Stylist training. It takes place at Östra Reals Gymnasium in Stockholm on Thursday evenings, 12 lessons and 3 internship days. The education costs SEK 25,000, worth every penny!

    Teacher is Helene Falk (including teacher / jury in the program Stylisterna) and her two assistants who also work as stylists - Isabelle Håwi and Lotten Breitholtz.

    Actually found some pictures from the training on Isabelle's Twitter!

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    The price also includes course material - Book, cover, pad and pen.

    The first lesson was mostly one introduction of the course. Presentation of students and Helene, Lotten and Isabelle.

    We went through the syllabus, what it means to be a stylist and what it takes to become really good.

    That's what the whole education is about, very practical which you have help from in real working life. Examples of different problems that you may encounter, and how to most easily solve them.

    At the end of the lesson, we were commissioned to make our own accessory, which would help us solve a specific “problem” in a stylist job.

    We had half an hour to make the accessory, and would then justify what kind of job it was, what problem had arisen and how the accessory would help.

    A little briefly, I made one belt with feathers before a bohemian photography. The model did not show up, so we had to take another model - which was too narrow for the shorts!

    I can not be seen in the picture, but at least we are here when we are busy!

    I am super happy that I applied for this education, nothing on the syllabus that did not sound fun!

    After the very first lesson, I was already longing for the next!

    Happy girl :)
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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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